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Broader Terms:
   Anguilliformes (eels) 

More Specific:
   Gymnothorax (common morays) 
   Ichthyophis (Asian caecilians) 
   Strophidon (giant slender morays) 
   Uropterygius (finless morays) 
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Common Names: morays, morenas, moray eels, murènes, murènes

1.  Assemblage structure, vertical distributions and stable-isotope compositions of anguilliform leptocephali in the Gulf of Mexico.LinkIT
Quattrini AM, McClain-Counts J, Artabane SJ, Roa-Varón A, McIver TC, Rhode M, Ross SW
Journal of fish biology, 2019

2.  Revalidation of a moray eel, Gymnothorax  mucifer Snyder, 1904 (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), with a revised distribution.LinkIT
Huang WC, Chen HM, Liao TY
Zootaxa, 2019

3.  Differential uses of coral reef habitats by a poorly-known cryptic fish predator.LinkIT
Morat F, Briand MJ, Pécheyran C, Letourneur Y
Journal of fish biology, 2019

4.  Checklist of the Red Sea Fishes with delineation of the Gulf of Suez, Gulf of Aqaba, endemism and Lessepsian migrants.LinkIT
Golani D, Fricke R
Zootaxa, 2018

5.  Heterobucephalopsine and prosorhynchine trematodes (Digenea: Bucephalidae) from teleost fishes of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, with the description of two new species.LinkIT
Cutmore SC, Nolan MJ, Cribb TH
Systematic parasitology, 2018

6.  Two new elongate unpatterned moray eels from Taiwan and Vietnam, with notes on two congeners (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae).LinkIT
Smith DG, Hibino Y, Ho HC
Zootaxa, 2018

7.  Gymnothorax odishi sp. nov. (Muraenidae: Muraeninae), a short brown unpatterned moray eel from Bay of Bengal, India.LinkIT
Mohapatra A, Mohanty SR, Smith DG, Mishra SS, Roy S
Zootaxa, 2018

8.  Pelagic larval duration, growth rate, and population genetic structure of the tidepool snake moray Uropterygius micropterus around the southern Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, and the central Philippines.LinkIT
Huang WC, Chang JT, Liao C, Tawa A, Iizuka Y, Liao TY, Shiao JC
PeerJ, 2018

9.  New identification of the moray eel Gymnothorax minor (Temminck & Schlegel, 1846) in China (Anguilliformes, Muraenidae).LinkIT
Li Y, Zhang L, Zhao L, Feng J, Loh K, Zheng X, Lin L
ZooKeys, 2018

10.  Three new species of Cucullanus (Nematoda: Cucullanidae) from marine fishes off New Caledonia, with a key to species of Cucullanus from Anguilliformes.LinkIT
Moravec F, Justine JL
Parasite (Paris, France), 2018