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   Anchoa spinifer (Mudhikey landaa) 
   Cetoscarus bicolor (Mudhikey landaa) 

   Anchoa spinifer (spicule anchovy) 
   Anchoa spinifera 
   Cetoscarus bicolor (Two-colour parrotfish) 
   Engraulis spinifer 
   Scarus bicolor 

Broader Terms:
   Anchoa (common anchovies) 
   Clupeiformes (anchovies) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
   Scarus (parrotfishes) 
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External Resources:

1.  Motor patterns of herbivorous feeding: electromyographic analysis of biting in the parrotfishes Cetoscarus bicolor and Scarus iseri.LinkIT
Alfaro M, Westneat MW
Brain, behavior and evolution, 1999

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