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   Phycis blennoides (Mollara) 

   Gadus blennoides 
   Phycis blennoides (Greater fork-beard) 

Broader Terms:
   Gadiformes (grenadiers) 
   Gadus (common codfishes) 
   Phycis (American lings) 
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1.  Species of Lepidapedon Stafford, 1904 (Digenea: Lepidapedidae) from deep-sea fishes in the Western Mediterranean: molecular and morphological evidence.LinkIT
Pérez-Del-Olmo A, Dallarés S, Georgieva S, Constenla M, Kostadinova A, Carrassón M
Systematic parasitology, 2019

2.  Trace metal concentrations in the muscle of seven marine species: Comparison between the Gulf of Lions (North-West Mediterranean Sea) and the Bay of Biscay (North-East Atlantic Ocean).LinkIT
Mille T, Cresson P, Chouvelon T, Bustamante P, Brach-Papa C, Bruzac S, Rozuel E, Bouchoucha M
Marine pollution bulletin, 2018

3.  Variability of PCB burden in 5 fish and sharks species of the French Mediterranean continental slope.LinkIT
Cresson P, Fabri MC, Miralles FM, Dufour JL, Elleboode R, Sevin K, Mahé K, Bouchoucha M
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2016

4.  A new species of Bathycreadium Kabata, 1961 (Digenea: Opecoelidae) from Phycis blennoides (Brünnich) (Gadiformes: Phycidae) in the western Mediterranean.LinkIT
Pérez-del-Olmo A, Dallarés S, Carrassón M, Kostadinova A
Systematic parasitology, 2014

5.  Molecular and epidemiological data on Anisakis spp. (Nematoda: Anisakidae) in commercial fish caught off northern Sardinia (western Mediterranean Sea).LinkIT
Piras MC, Tedde T, Garippa G, Virgilio S, Sanna D, Farjallah S, Merella P
Veterinary parasitology, 2014

6.  Muscular and hepatic pollution biomarkers in the fishes Phycis blennoides and Micromesistius poutassou and the crustacean Aristeus antennatus in the Blanes Submarine Canyon (NW Mediterranean).LinkIT
Solé M, Hambach B, Cortijo V, Huertas D, Fernández P, Company JB
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology, 2009

7.  Levels and profiles of DDTs and PCBs in a gadiform fish (Phycis blennoides) from Mediterranean Sea.LinkIT
Storelli MM, Barone G, Giacominelli-Stuffler R, Marcotrigiano GO
Marine pollution bulletin, 2008

8.  Mercury in fish: concentration vs. fish size and estimates of mercury intake.LinkIT
Storelli MM, Barone G, Piscitelli G, Marcotrigiano GO
Food additives and contaminants, 2007

9.  Esterase activities and lipid peroxidation levels in offshore commercial species of the NW Mediterranean Sea.LinkIT
Solé M, García de la Parra LM, Alejandre-Grimaldo S, Sardá F
Marine pollution bulletin, 2006

10.  Anisakid parasites of two forkbeards (Phycis blennoides and Phycis phycis) from the eastern Mediterranean coasts in Tunisia.LinkIT
Farjallah S, Ben Slimane B, Blel H, Amor N, Said K
Parasitology research, 2006