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   Molinia (moorgrass) 

Broader Terms:
   Molinia (moorgrass) 
   Poaceae (grasses) 

More Specific:
   Molinia caerulea (purple moorgrass) 
   Molinia caerulea arundinacea (purple moorgrass) 
   Molinia caerulea caerulea (purple moorgrass) 
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Molinia caerulea
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Common Names: moorgrass

1.  Organic carbon from graminoid roots as a driver of fermentation in a fen.LinkIT
Meier AB, Oppermann S, Drake HL, Schmidt O
FEMS microbiology ecology, 2021

2.  Hormone treatment does not reliably induce spermiation or mating in Hamilton.LinkIT
Germano JM, Cree A, Molinia F, Arregui L, Bishop PJ
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3.  Determinism of nonadditive litter mixture effect on decomposition: Role of the moisture content of litters.LinkIT
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4.  Declines in occurrence of plants characteristic for a nutrient-poor meadow habitat are partly explained by their responses to nutrient addition and competition.LinkIT
Höckendorff S, Peintinger M, Fiedler F, Stift M, van Kleunen M
Ecology and evolution, 2021

5.  Monitoring of fungal root colonisation, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi diversity and soil microbial processes to assess the success of ecosystem translocation.LinkIT
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6.  Response of C and N cycles to N fertilization in Sphagnum and Molinia-dominated peat mesocosms.LinkIT
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7.  Can mowing restore boreal rich-fen vegetation in the face of climate change?LinkIT
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8.  Influence of different sludge compositions on understorey vegetation in an amended Pinus pinatser forest plantation.LinkIT
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9.  Both trait-neutrality and filtering effects are validated by the vegetation patterns detected in the functional recovery of sand grasslands.LinkIT
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10.  Competition along productivity gradients: news from heathlands.LinkIT
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