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   Microlophus albemarlensis albemarlensis 

Broader Terms:
   Microlophus (Pacific Iguanas) 
   Microlophus albemarlensis (Galapagos Lava Lizard) 

External Resources:

1.  Island biogeography of Galápagos lava lizards (Tropiduridae: Microlophus): species diversity and colonization of the archipelago.LinkIT
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2.  Historical fragmentation of islands and genetic drift in populations of Galápagos lava lizards (Microlophus albemarlensis complex).LinkIT
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3.  Road effects on abundance and fitness of Galápagos lava lizards (Microlophus albemarlensis).LinkIT
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5.  Evolution of Galapagos Island Lava Lizards (Iguania: Tropiduridae: Microlophus).LinkIT
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