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   Mexcala rufa 

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1.  Evidence of fish and human pathogens associated with doctor fish (Garra rufa, Heckel, 1843) used for cosmetic treatment.LinkIT
Volpe E, Mandrioli L, Errani F, Serratore P, Zavatta E, Rigillo A, Ciulli S
Journal of fish diseases, 2019

2.  Using long-term datasets to assess the impacts of dietary exposure to neonicotinoids on farmland bird populations in England.LinkIT
Lennon RJ, Isaac NJB, Shore RF, Peach WJ, Dunn JC, Pereira MG, Arnold KE, Garthwaite D, Brown CD
PloS one, 2019

3.  Effect of stearic or oleic acid on milk performance and energy partitioning when fed in diets with low and high rumen active unsaturated fatty acids in early lactation.LinkIT
Chen Y, Ma G, Harrison JH, Block E
Journal of animal science, 2019

4.  Fungal biodegradation and multi-level toxicity assessment of vinasse from distillation of winemaking by-products.LinkIT
Fernandes JMC, Sousa RMOF, Fraga I, Sampaio A, Amaral C, Bezerra RMF, Dias AA
Chemosphere, 2019

5.  Identification, Expression Patterns and RNA Interference of Aquaporins in Dendroctonus armandi (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) Larvae During Overwintering.LinkIT
Fu D, Dai L, Gao H, Sun Y, Liu B, Chen H
Frontiers in physiology, 2019

6.  Olfactory response of Mahanarva spectabilis (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) to volatile organic compounds from forage grasses.LinkIT
Silva SEB, Auad AM, Moraes JC, Alvarenga R, Fonseca MG, Marques FA, Santos NCS, Nagata N
Scientific reports, 2019

7.  Low Temperature Storage Stimulates Fruit Softening and Sugar Accumulation Without Ethylene and Aroma Volatile Production in Kiwifruit.LinkIT
Mitalo OW, Tokiwa S, Kondo Y, Otsuki T, Galis I, Suezawa K, Kataoka I, Doan AT, Nakano R, Ushijima K, Kubo Y
Frontiers in plant science, 2019

8.  A Mobile Phone-Based Intervention to Improve Mental Health Among Homeless Young Adults: Pilot Feasibility Trial.LinkIT
Schueller SM, Glover AC, Rufa AK, Dowdle CL, Gross GD, Karnik NS, Zalta AK
JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 2019

9.  A unified computational framework for visual attention dynamics.LinkIT
Zanca D, Gori M, Rufa A
Progress in brain research, 2019

10.  The cerebellum improves the precision of antisaccades by a latency-duration trade-off.LinkIT
Piu P, Pretegiani E, Rosini F, Serchi V, Zaino D, Chiantini T, Rufa A
Progress in brain research, 2019