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   Malacostraca (Malacostracans) 

Broader Terms:
   Arthropoda (arthropods) 
   Crustacea (crustaceans) 
   Malacostraca (Malacostracans) 

More Specific:
   Amphipoda (amphipods) 
   Cumacea (cumaceans) 
   Decapoda (crayfishes) 
   Euphausiacea (krill) 
   Isopoda (isopods) 
   Lophogastrida (opossum shrimp) 
   Mysida (opossum shrimp) 
   Stomatopoda (mantis shrimps) 
   Tanaidacea (tanaids) 
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Common Names: Malacostracés, Pancerzowce, Höhere Krebse, Высшие раки, Felsőrendű rákok, Storkrebs, Storkräftor, Malacostracans

1.  The brain and the corresponding sense organs in calanoid copepods - Evidence of vestiges of compound eyes.LinkIT
Frase T, Richter S
Arthropod structure & development, 2020

2.  Identification of putative neuropeptidergic signaling systems in the spiny lobster, Panulirus argus.LinkIT
Christie AE
Invertebrate neuroscience : IN, 2020

3.  Shedding Light on the Antimicrobial Peptide Arsenal of Terrestrial Isopods: Focus on Armadillidins, a New Crustacean AMP Family.LinkIT
Becking T, Delaunay C, Cordaux R, Berjeaud JM, Braquart-Varnier C, Verdon J
Genes, 2020

4.  A new species of Nebalia (Crustacea, Leptostraca) from a hydrothermal field in Kagoshima Bay, Japan.LinkIT
Hirata T, Fujiwara Y, Kikuchi T
ZooKeys, 2019

5.  Shell-Exchange Behavior in a Hermit-Crab-Like Tanaidacean (Crustacea: Malacostraca).LinkIT
Kakui K
Zoological science, 2019

6.  Codon Usage in the Iflaviridae Family Is Not Diverse Though the Family Members Are Isolated from Diverse Host Taxa.LinkIT
Shi SL, Xia RX
Viruses, 2019

7.  The eastern Pacific species of Salmoneus Holthuis, 1955, with description of a remarkable new species from Las Perlas Archipelago, Panama  (Malacostraca: Decapoda: Alpheidae).LinkIT
Anker A
Zootaxa, 2019

8.  Alpheus perlas, sp. nov., a new infaunal snapping shrimp from the Pacific coast of Panama (Malacostraca: Decapoda: Alpheidae).LinkIT
Anker A, Pachelle PPG
Zootaxa, 2019

9.  Two Hexapleomera species from Japan, with a new species description and discussion of phylogenetic relationships within Hexapleomera (Crustacea: Tanaidacea).LinkIT
Tanabe Y, Kakui K
Zootaxa, 2019

10.  The alpheid shrimp genus Nennalpheus Banner amp; Banner, 1981 in the tropical eastern Atlantic, with description of a new species from Gabon and new records of N. sibogae (De Man, 1910) in the Indo-West Pacific (Malacostraca: Decapoda: Caridea).LinkIT
Anker A
Zootaxa, 2019