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   Blennius phycis 
   Phycis phycis (lesser forkbeard) 

Broader Terms:
   Blennius (blennies) 
   Gadiformes (hakes) 
   Phycis (American lings) 
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Tinca Cuvier, 1816 - WoRMS latest taxa marked as checked
Blennius Linnaeus, 1758 - WoRMS latest edits

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1.  The effect of magnetic field exposure on differentiation of magnetite nanoparticle-loaded adipose-derived stem cells.LinkIT
Labusca L, Herea DD, Danceanu CM, Minuti AE, Stavila C, Grigoras M, Gherca D, Stoian G, Ababei G, Chiriac H, Lupu N
Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications, 2020

2.  Bacterial Cellulose-Modified Polyhydroxyalkanoates Scaffolds Promotes Bone Formation in Critical Size Calvarial Defects in Mice.LinkIT
Codreanu A, Balta C, Herman H, Cotoraci C, Mihali CV, Zurbau N, Zaharia C, Rapa M, Stanescu P, Radu IC, Vasile E, Lupu G, Galateanu B, Hermenean A
Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

3.  Soft Ferromagnetic Bulk Metallic Glass with Potential Self-Healing Ability.LinkIT
Ramasamy P, Stoica M, Ababei G, Lupu N, Eckert J
Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

4.  Accurately assess vitamin D status in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.LinkIT
Guan SY, Pan F
Autoimmunity reviews, 2020

5.  Ligand substitution effects on the charge transport properties of the spin crossover complex [Fe(Htrz)<sub>1+y-x</sub>(trz)<sub>2-y</sub>(NH<sub>2</sub>trz)<sub>x</sub>](BF<sub>4</sub>)<sub>y</sub>?nH<sub>2</sub>O.LinkIT
Soroceanu I, Lupu SL, Rusu I, Piedrahita-Bello M, Salmon L, Molnar G, Demont P, Bousseksou A, Rotaru A
Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal, 2020

6.  Automated Decision Support for Drug-Induced Long QT.LinkIT
Lupu RA, Twedt H, Chavour S, Larson EA
South Dakota medicine : the journal of the South Dakota State Medical Association, 2020

7.  Renal dysfunction is associated with lower incidence of positive fractional flow reserve values in patients with severe hypertension.LinkIT
Hadadi L, ?erban RC, Juhász T, ?epe? O, Somkereki C, Demjén Z, Adorján I, Lupu S
Minerva cardioangiologica, 2020

8.  Multiannual variations in Microcystis bloom episodes - Temperature drives shift in species composition.LinkIT
Ninio S, Lupu A, Viner-Mozzini Y, Zohary T, Sukenik A
Harmful algae, 2020

9.  Phytosynthesized Metallic Nanoparticles-between Nanomedicine and Toxicology. A Brief Review of 2019's Findings.LinkIT
Fierascu I, Fierascu IC, Brazdis RI, Baroi AM, Fistos T, Fierascu RC
Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

10.  Tumour Microenvironment in Skin Carcinogenesis.LinkIT
Georgescu SR, Tampa M, Mitran CI, Mitran MI, Caruntu C, Caruntu A, Lupu M, Matei C, Constantin C, Neagu M
Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 2020