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   Loxosceles (Brown spiders) 
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Loxosceles reclusa
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1.  Identification and quantification of 11 airborne biochemicals emitted by the brown recluse and another primitive hunting spider using headspace solid-phase microextraction-GC/MS.LinkIT
Foulks Z, Parks J, Stoecker W, Kristensen C, Hebets EA, Shi H
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 2021

2.  Laboratory Predictors of Hemolytic Anemia in Patients With Systemic Loxoscelism.LinkIT
Jacobs JW, Bastarache L, Thompson MA
American journal of clinical pathology, 2021

3.  Viscerocutaneous Loxoscelism Manifesting with Myocarditis: A Case Report.LinkIT
Langner TR, Ganatra HA, Schwerdtfager J, Stoecker W, Thornton S
The American journal of case reports, 2021

4.  Atypical systemic and dermatologic loxoscelism in a non-endemic region of the USA.LinkIT
Downs JW, Gould KT, Mclaughlin RC, Cumpston KL, Rose SR
Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.), 2021

5.  Hold the Chemo! Leukostasis, a Presentation of Brown Recluse Spider Bite: A Case Report.LinkIT
Hallak A, Mohanakrishnan BPE, Dharmarpandi J, Ivyanskiy I, Patel S, Naguib T
Journal of investigative medicine high impact case reports, 2021

6.  Cutaneous-hemolytic loxoscelism following brown recluse spider envenomation: new understandings.LinkIT
Loden JK, Seger DL, Spiller HA, Wang L, Byrne DW
Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.), 2020

7.  A loxoscelism case received therapeutic apheresis and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.LinkIT
Cetinkaya A, Aydin K, Sirakaya HA, Yilmaz R
Saudi medical journal, 2020

8.  Arthropod Assault: A Case Report of Brown Recluse Envenomation in a Training Environment.LinkIT
Merrill DR, Long B
Military medicine, 2020

9.  Along came a spider: Medicine's most famous spider eponyms.LinkIT
Hoenig LJ
Clinics in dermatology, 2020

10.  Heightened Immune Response to Presumed Loxosceles reclusa Envenomation.LinkIT
Schmid KM, Treaster MR, Barrios C, Zhang C, Scalzo AJ
Wilderness & environmental medicine, 2019