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   Lithothamnion corallioides (Griußn) 

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   Lithothamnion corallioides flabelligerum 
   Lithothamnion corallioides subsimplex 
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Common Names: Griuán

1.  Physiology of maerl algae: Comparison of inter- and intraspecies variations.LinkIT
Qui-Minet ZN, Davoult D, Grall J, Delaunay C, Six C, Cariou T, Martin S
Journal of phycology, 2021

2.  Whole genome genotyping reveals discrete genetic diversity in north-east Atlantic maerl beds.LinkIT
Jenkins TL, Guillemin ML, Simon-Nutbrown C, Burdett HL, Stevens JR, Pe├▒a V
Evolutionary applications, 2021

3.  The Effect of a Seaweed-Derived Calcium Supplement on Gastric Juice pH in the Horse.LinkIT
Jacobs RD, Gordon MBE, Vineyard KR, Keowen ML, Garza F, Andrews FM
Journal of equine veterinary science, 2020

4.  Distribution and Characterization of Deep Rhodolith Beds off the Campania coast (SW Italy, Mediterranean Sea).LinkIT
Rendina F, Kaleb S, Caragnano A, Ferrigno F, Appolloni L, Donnarumma L, Russo GF, Sandulli R, Roviello V, Falace A
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

5.  Combined effects of global climate change and nutrient enrichment on the physiology of three temperate maerl species.LinkIT
Qui-Minet ZN, Coudret J, Davoult D, Grall J, Mendez-Sandin M, Cariou T, Martin S
Ecology and evolution, 2019

6.  A multilocus species delimitation reveals a striking number of species of coralline algae forming Maerl in the OSPAR maritime area.LinkIT
Pardo C, Lopez L, Peña V, Hernández-Kantún J, Le Gall L, Bárbara I, Barreiro R
PloS one, 2014

7.  Effects of elevated pCO2 on the metabolism of a temperate rhodolith Lithothamnion corallioides grown under different temperatures.LinkIT
Noisette F, Duong G, Six C, Davoult D, Martin S
Journal of phycology, 2013

8.  Evidence that marine-derived, multi-mineral, Aquamin inhibits the NF-?B signaling pathway in vitro.LinkIT
O'Gorman DM, O'Carroll C, Carmody RJ
Phytotherapy research : PTR, 2012

9.  The marine-derived, multi-mineral formula, Aquamin, enhances mineralisation of osteoblast cells in vitro.LinkIT
O'Gorman DM, Tierney CM, Brennan O, O'Brien FJ
Phytotherapy research : PTR, 2012

10.  Evidence that the marine-derived multi-mineral Aquamin has anti-inflammatory effects on cortical glial-enriched cultures.LinkIT
Ryan S, O'Gorman DM, Nolan YM
Phytotherapy research : PTR, 2011