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   Craterostigma (Craterostigma) 
   Lindernia (false pimpernel) 
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Craterostigma lanceolatum - Plant Taxonomy Photo Pool
Lindernia pulchella - Plant Taxonomy Photo Pool

Craterostigma plantagineum

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1.  Analysis of pcC13-62 promoters predicts a link between cis-element variations and desiccation tolerance in Linderniaceae.LinkIT
Giarola V, Jung NU, Singh A, Satpathy P, Bartels D
Journal of experimental botany, 2018

2.  The CYCLOIDEA-RADIALIS module regulates petal shape and pigmentation, leading to bilateral corolla symmetry in Torenia fournieri (Linderniaceae).LinkIT
Su S, Xiao W, Guo W, Yao X, Xiao J, Ye Z, Wang N, Jiao K, Lei M, Peng Q, Hu X, Huang X, Luo D
The New phytologist, 2017

3.  LEA gene expression, RNA stability and pigment accumulation in three closely related Linderniaceae species differing in desiccation tolerance.LinkIT
Juszczak I, Bartels D
Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology, 2017

4.  First Report of Powdery Mildew Caused by Erysiphe macleayae on Torenia fournieri in China.LinkIT
Men XY, Liu SY, Jiang WT, Li Y
Plant disease, 2014

5.  Light response, oxidative stress management and nucleic acid stability in closely related Linderniaceae species differing in desiccation tolerance.LinkIT
Dinakar C, Bartels D
Planta, 2012

6.  Using maize as a model to study pollen tube growth and guidance, cross-incompatibility and sperm delivery in grasses.LinkIT
Dresselhaus T, Lausser A, Márton ML
Annals of botany, 2011

7.  Comparative analysis of LEA-like 11-24 gene expression and regulation in related plant species within the Linderniaceae that differ in desiccation tolerance.LinkIT
van den Dries N, Facchinelli F, Giarola V, Phillips JR, Bartels D
The New phytologist, 2011

8.  Towards resolving Lamiales relationships: insights from rapidly evolving chloroplast sequences.LinkIT
Schäferhoff B, Fleischmann A, Fischer E, Albach DC, Borsch T, Heubl G, Müller KF
BMC evolutionary biology, 2010

9.  The Linderniaceae and Gratiolaceae are further lineages distinct from the Scrophulariaceae (Lamiales).LinkIT
Rahmanzadeh R, Müller K, Fischer E, Bartels D, Borsch T
Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany), 2005