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   Lentinula edodes 
   Lentinus edodes 
   Mastoleucomyces edodes 

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Common Names: [Shiitake, shiitake mushroom, Shiitake

1.  Effects of fermentation with Lactobacillus fermentum 21828 on the nutritional characteristics and antioxidant activity of Lentinus edodes liquid.LinkIT
Zhang M, Wang X, Wang X, Han M, Li H, Yue T, Wang Z, Gao Z
Journal of the science of food and agriculture, 2021

2.  Spent mushroom substrates for ethanol production - Effect of chemical and structural factors on enzymatic saccharification and ethanolic fermentation of Lentinula edodes-pretreated hardwood.LinkIT
Chen F, Xiong S, Latha Gandla M, Stagge S, Martín C
Bioresource technology, 2021

3.  Curing two predominant viruses occurring in Lentinula edodes by chemotherapy and mycelial fragmentation methods.LinkIT
Sun Y, Guo M, Wang J, Bian Y, Xu Z
Journal of virological methods, 2021

4.  Effects of Drying Process on the Volatile and Non-Volatile Flavor Compounds of Lentinula edodes.LinkIT
Zhang L, Dong X, Feng X, Ibrahim SA, Huang W, Liu Y
Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

5.  Lentinan triggers oxidative stress-mediated anti-inflammatory responses in lung cancer cells.LinkIT
Li M, Du X, Yuan Z, Cheng M, Dong P, Bai Y
Molecular and cellular biochemistry, 2021

6.  A Comparative Study of the Hepatoprotective Effect of Centella asiatica Extract (CA-HE50) on Lipopolysaccharide/d-galactosamine-Induced Acute Liver Injury in C57BL/6 Mice.LinkIT
Hong W, Hwang-Bo J, Jeon H, Ko M, Choi J, Jeong YJ, Park JH, Kim I, Kim TW, Kim H, Kang SC
Nutrients, 2021

7.  Metabolic Profiles, Bioactive Compounds, and Antioxidant Capacity in Lentinula edodes Cultivated on Log versus Sawdust Substrates.LinkIT
Nam M, Choi JY, Kim MS
Biomolecules, 2021

8.  Proteomic Research on the Antitumor Properties of Medicinal Mushrooms.LinkIT
Jakopovic B, Or?oli? N, Jakopovich I
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

9.  Determination of Halogens by Ion Chromatography in Edible Mushrooms after Microwave-Induced Combustion for Sample Preparation.LinkIT
Coelho Junior GS, Rondan FS, Hartwig CA, Santos RF, Mello PA, Mesko MF
Journal of analytical methods in chemistry, 2021

10.  Shiitake flagellate dermatitis (toxicoderma): A case report.LinkIT
Balasuriya A, Goel A
The National medical journal of India, 2021