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   Lactrodectus mactans 
   Latrodectus mactans 

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Latrodectus mactans

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Common Names: Black widow

1.  Ovarian Transcriptomic Analyses in the Urban Human Health Pest, the Western Black Widow Spider.LinkIT
Miles LS, Ayoub NA, Garb JE, Haney RA, Verrelli BC
Genes, 2020

2.  Effect of long-term cadmium and copper intoxication on the efficiency of ampullate silk glands in false black widow Steatoda grossa (Theridiidae) spiders.LinkIT
Wilczek G, Surmiak K, Wawszczak B, Sajewicz M, Kowalska T, Sindera P, Wi?niewska K, Szulinska E
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Toxicology & pharmacology : CBP, 2019

3.  Latrodectus Facies After Latrodectus Hesperus Envenomation in a Pediatric Patient.LinkIT
Halmo LS, Hurst IA, Ng PC, Wang GS
The Journal of emergency medicine, 2019

4.  Successful treatment of brown widow spider envenomation with Latrodectus mactans antivenom.LinkIT
Riddle M, Carstairs S
Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.), 2019

5.  Urban heat island conditions experienced by the Western black widow spider (Latrodectus hesperus): Extreme heat slows development but results in behavioral accommodations.LinkIT
Johnson JC, Urcuyo J, Moen C, Stevens DR
PloS one, 2019

6.  The Efficacy of Antivenin Latrodectus (Black Widow) Equine Immune F(ab')2 Versus Placebo in the Treatment of Latrodectism: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Clinical Trial.LinkIT
Dart RC, Bush SP, Heard K, Arnold TC, Sutter M, Campagne D, Holstege CP, Seifert SA, Lo JCY, Quan D, Borron S, Meurer DA, Burnham RI, McNally J, Garcia-Ubbelohde W, Anderson VE
Annals of emergency medicine, 2019

7.  Anticancer effects of the Latrodectus dahli crude venom on MCF-7 breast cancer cell line.LinkIT
Mousavi M, Zargan J, Haji Noor Mohammadi A, Goudarzi HR, Dezianian S, Keshavarz Alikhani H, Johari B
The breast journal, 2019

8.  Alternative Transcription at Venom Genes and Its Role as a Complementary Mechanism for the Generation of Venom Complexity in the Common House Spider.LinkIT
Haney RA, Matte T, Forsyth FS, Garb JE
Frontiers in ecology and evolution, 2019

9.  Catching Latrophilin With Lasso: A Universal Mechanism for Axonal Attraction and Synapse Formation.LinkIT
Ushkaryov YA, Lelianova V, Vysokov NV
Frontiers in neuroscience, 2019

10.  Juvenile social experience generates differences in behavioral variation but not averages.LinkIT
DiRienzo N, Johnson JC, Dornhaus A
Behavioral ecology : official journal of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology, 2019