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   Lagenidium giganteum 

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1.  Phylogenetic and physiological traits of oomycetes originally identified as Lagenidium giganteum from fly and mosquito larvae.LinkIT
Vilela R, Humber RA, Taylor JW, Mendoza L
Mycologia, 2019

2.  Glycoside hydrolases family 20 (GH20) represent putative virulence factors that are shared by animal pathogenic oomycetes, but are absent in phytopathogens.LinkIT
Olivera IE, Fins KC, Rodriguez SA, Abiff SK, Tartar JL, Tartar A
BMC microbiology, 2016

3.  Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of Lagenidium-like oomycetes pathogenic to mammals.LinkIT
Spies CFJ, Grooters AM, Lévesque CA, Rintoul TL, Redhead SA, Glockling SL, Chen CY, de Cock AWAM
Fungal biology, 2016

4.  Description of three novel Lagenidium (Oomycota) species causing infection in mammals.LinkIT
Mendoza L, Taylor JW, Walker ED, Vilela R
Revista iberoamericana de micologia, 2017

5.  A biochemical screening approach to putatively differentiate mammalian pathogenic Oomycota species in the clinical laboratory.LinkIT
Vilela R, Viswanathan P, Mendoza LA
Journal of medical microbiology, 2015

6.  Lagenidium giganteum pathogenicity in mammals.LinkIT
Vilela R, Taylor JW, Walker ED, Mendoza L
Emerging infectious diseases, 2015

7.  Transcriptome analysis of the entomopathogenic oomycete Lagenidium giganteum reveals putative virulence factors.LinkIT
Quiroz Velasquez PF, Abiff SK, Fins KC, Conway QB, Salazar NC, Delgado AP, Dawes JK, Douma LG, Tartar A
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2014

8.  Development and evaluation of an ELISA for the quantitation of anti-Lagenidium giganteum forma caninum antibodies in dogs.LinkIT
Hartfield JN, Grooters AM, Waite KJ
Journal of veterinary internal medicine, 2015

9.  Microorganism viability influences internal phase droplet size changes during storage in water-in-oil emulsions.LinkIT
VanderGheynst JS, Guo HY, Cheng YS, Scher H
Bioprocess and biosystems engineering, 2013

10.  Lagenidium sp. ocular infection mimicking ocular pythiosis.LinkIT
Reinprayoon U, Permpalung N, Kasetsuwan N, Plongla R, Mendoza L, Chindamporn A
Journal of clinical microbiology, 2013