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   Centropyge bicolor (Tafidan kutu) 
   Coccidae (kutu papa) 
   Gomphosus varius (Kutu) 

   Gomphosus caeruleus (Bird wrasse) 
   Gomphosus varius (Olive club-nosed wrasse) 

Broader Terms:
   Gomphosus (bird wrasses) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 

More Specific:
   kutu papa 
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1.  Advantages of early intervention with arterial embolization for intra-abdominal solid organ injuries in children.LinkIT
Gürünlüo?lu K, Y?ld?r?m ?O, Kutu R, Saraç K, S???rc? A, Gözükara Ba? H, Demircan M
Diagnostic and interventional radiology (Ankara, Turkey), 2019

2.  Pro-inflammatory Cytokines and Oxidized Low-Density-Lipoprotein in Patients With Fibromyalgia.LinkIT
Kutu FC, Özdolap ?, Sarikaya S
Archives of rheumatology, 2019

3.  A comparison of pectoral fin ray morphology and its impact on fin ray flexural stiffness in labriform swimmers.LinkIT
Aiello BR, Hardy AR, Cherian C, Olsen AM, Orsbon CP, Hale ME, Westneat MW
Journal of morphology, 2018

4.  The relationship between pectoral fin ray stiffness and swimming behavior in Labridae: insights into design, performance and ecology.LinkIT
Aiello BR, Hardy AR, Cherian C, Olsen AM, Ahn SE, Hale ME, Westneat MW
The Journal of experimental biology, 2018

5.  [Reproductive behavior of the green birdmouth wrasse Gomphosus caeruleus on a Reunion Island reef: Mode of reproduction, environmental factors and reproductive strategy alternation].LinkIT
Desvignes T, Bourjon P, Chanet B
Comptes rendus biologies, 2018

6.  Micronutrients (B, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, and Zn) content in made tea (Camellia sinensis L.) and tea infusion with health prospect: A critical review.LinkIT
Karak T, Kutu FR, Nath JR, Sonar I, Paul RK, Boruah RK, Sanyal S, Sabhapondit S, Dutta AK
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition, 2017

7.  Comparative Assessment of Copper, Iron, and Zinc Contents in Selected Indian (Assam) and South African (Thohoyandou) Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) Samples and Their Infusion: A Quest for Health Risks to Consumer.LinkIT
Karak T, Paul RK, Kutu FR, Mehra A, Khare P, Dutta AK, Bora K, Boruah RK
Biological trace element research, 2017

8.  A dietary strategy for the management of artemether-lumefantrine-induced cardiovascular and renal toxicity.LinkIT
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9.  Recovery process in patients followed-up due to acute kidney injury.LinkIT
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10.  Courtship and spawning sounds in bird wrasse Gomphosus varius and saddle wrasse Thalassoma duperrey.LinkIT
Boyle KS, Cox TE
Journal of fish biology, 2009