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1.  Technology-based Health Solutions for Cancer Caregivers to Better Shoulder the Impact of COVID-19: A Systematic Review Protocol.LinkIT
Su Z, McDonnell D, Liang B, Kue J, Li X, ?egalo S, Advani S, Flores BE, Wang J
Research square, 2020

2.  Paramedic Pain Management Practice with Introduction of a Non-opiate Treatment Protocol.LinkIT
O'Connor L, Dugas J, Brady J, Kamilaris A, Shiba SK, Kue RC, Broach JP
The western journal of emergency medicine, 2020

3.  A Comparison of Etomidate, Ketamine, and Methohexital in Emergency Department Rapid Sequence Intubation.LinkIT
Farrell NM, Killius K, Kue R, Langlois BK, Nelson KP, Golenia P
The Journal of emergency medicine, 2020

4.  Comparison of three instruments for activity disability in acute ischemic stroke survivors.LinkIT
Wu Q, Tang A, Niu S, Jin A, Liu X, Zeng L, Jiang J, Kue J, Shi Y, Zhu X
The Canadian journal of neurological sciences. Le journal canadien des sciences neurologiques, 2020

5.  Perceived Barriers to Type 2 Diabetes Prevention for Low-Income Women With a History of Gestational Diabetes: A Qualitative Secondary Data Analysis.LinkIT
Ingol TT, Kue J, Conrey EJ, Oza-Frank R, Weber MB, Bower JK
The Diabetes educator, 2020

6.  Endurance exercise training in pulmonary hypertension increases skeletal muscle electron transport chain supercomplex assembly.LinkIT
McCullough DJ, Kue N, Mancini T, Vang A, Clements RT, Choudhary G
Pulmonary circulation, 2020

7.  Synthesis, Labeling and Preclinical Evaluation of a Squaric Acid Containing PSMA Inhibitor Labeled with 68 Ga: A Comparison with PSMA-11 and PSMA-617.LinkIT
Greifenstein L, Engelbogen N, Lahnif H, Sinnes JP, Bergmann R, Bachmann M, Rösch F
ChemMedChem, 2020

8.  Active targeted ligand-aza-BODIPY conjugate for near-infrared photodynamic therapy in melanoma.LinkIT
Ng SY, Kamkaew A, Fu N, Kue CS, Chung LY, Kiew LV, Wittayakun J, Burgess K, Lee HB
International journal of pharmaceutics, 2020

9.  Overexpression of V-type H+ pyrophosphatase gene EdVP1 from Elymus dahuricus increases yield and potassium uptake of transgenic wheat under low potassium conditions.LinkIT
Zhou Y, Li Y, Qi X, Liu R, Dong J, Jing W, Guo M, Si Q, Xu Z, Li L, Wang C, Cheng X, Ma Y, Chen M
Scientific reports, 2020

10.  Comparison of 68Ga-PSMA-I/T PET-CT and Multiparametric MRI for Locoregional Staging of Prostate Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study.LinkIT
Çelen S, Gültekin A, Özlülerden Y, Mete A, Sa?ta? E, Ufuk F, Yüksel D, Ya?c? B, Zümrütba? AE
Urologia internationalis, 2020