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   Juncus articulatus (jointleaf rush) 

Broader Terms:
   Juncus (chestnut rush) 

More Specific:
   Juncus articulatus articulatus 
   Juncus articulatus limosus 
   Juncus articulatus obtusatus 
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Juncus articulatus
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Common Names: jointed rush, jointleaf rush

1.  Phytoremediation potential of the naturally occurring wetland species in protected Long Beach in Ulcinj, Montenegro.LinkIT
Mili? D, Bubanja N, Ninkov J, Mili? S, Vasin J, Lukovi? J
The Science of the total environment, 2021

2.  Antioxidant responses under salinity and drought in three closely related wild monocots with different ecological optima.LinkIT
Al Hassan M, Chaura J, Donat-Torres MP, Boscaiu M, Vicente O
AoB PLANTS, 2017

3.  Antibacterial screening of Juncaceae species native to the Carpathian Basin against resistant strains and LC-MS investigation of phenanthrenes responsible for the effect.LinkIT
Tóth B, Liktor-Busa E, Urbán E, Csorba A, Jakab G, Hohmann J, Vasas A
Fitoterapia, 2016

4.  Stress tolerance mechanisms in Juncus: responses to salinity and drought in three Juncus species adapted to different natural environments.LinkIT
Al Hassan M, López-Gresa MDP, Boscaiu M, Vicente O
Functional plant biology : FPB, 2016

5.  First Report of 'Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris' Associated with "Witches'-Brooms" on Jointleaf Rush (Juncus articulatus) in Poland.LinkIT
Jarzembowski P, Berniak H, Faltyn A, Jakubska-Busse A, Pro?ków J
Plant disease, 2015

6.  Biomechanical responses of aquatic plants to aerial conditions.LinkIT
Hamann E, Puijalon S
Annals of botany, 2013