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   Caesalpinia eriostachys (Iguanero) 
   Iguana (iguanas) 

Broader Terms:
   Agamidae (agamid lizards) 
   Corytophanidae (helmet lizards) 
   Iguana (Common Iguanas) 
   Iguanidae (iguanas) 
   Tropiduridae (Tropidurid lizards) 

More Specific:
   Iguana acanthura 
   Iguana armata 
   Iguana bellii 
   Iguana calotes 
   Iguana chamaeleontina 
   Iguana clamosa 
   Iguana coerulea 
   Iguana cordylina 
   Iguana cornuta 
   Iguana cychlura 
   Iguana cycluroides 
   Iguana delicatissima (West Indian Iguana, Lesser Antillean Iguana) 
   Iguana emarginata 
   Iguana iguana (common green iguana) 
   Iguana lanceolata 
   Iguana lophryoides 
   Iguana minima 
   Iguana nubila 
   Iguana nudicollis 
   Iguana paramatensis 
   Iguana sapidissima 
   Iguana similis 
   Iguana squamosa 
   Iguana teres 
   Iguana tuberculata 
   Iguana umbra 
   Iguana viridis 
   Iguana vulgaris 
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External Resources:

1.  The delay in cell death caused by the induction of autophagy by P2Et extract is essential for the generation of immunogenic signals in melanoma cells.LinkIT
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2.  Two new cassane-type diterpenoids from the seeds of Caesalpinia sappan.LinkIT
Yuanting J, Ruikang H, Yang L, Hanqiao L
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3.  Hypoglycemic Effect of a Combined Andrographis paniculata and Caesalpinia sappan Extract in Streptozocin-Induced Diabetic Rats.LinkIT
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5.  Microencapsulation of vitamin D3 by complex coacervation using carboxymethyl tara gum (Caesalpinia spinosa) and gelatin A.LinkIT
Santos MB, de Carvalho CWP, Garcia-Rojas EE
Food chemistry, 2020

6.  Polysaccaride-rich extract of Caesalpina ferrea stem barks attenuates mice acute inflammation induced by zymosan: Oxidative stress modulation.LinkIT
Holanda BF, Freitas de Araujo D, da Silva JNR, Pereira MG, de Freitas Pires A, Sampaio Assreuy AM
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7.  The Activity Screening of Hmong Herbs Caesalpiniaminax and an Antitumor Effect Study.LinkIT
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8.  Genome Complexity Reduction High-Throughput Genome Sequencing of Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) Reveal a Paradigm Shift in Understanding Sex-Chromosomal Linkages on Homomorphic X and Y Sex Chromosomes.LinkIT
Koomgun T, Laopichienpong N, Singchat W, Panthum T, Phatcharakullawarawat R, Kraichak E, Sillapaprayoon S, Ahmad SF, Muangmai N, Peyachoknagul S, Duengkae P, Ezaz T, Srikulnath K
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10.  Occurrence of Cryptococcus neoformans and other yeast-like fungi in environmental sources in Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean).LinkIT
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