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   Heteromeles arbutifolia (toyon) 

Broader Terms:
   Heteromeles (toyon) 

More Specific:
   Heteromeles arbutifolia arbutifolia (toyon) 
   Heteromeles arbutifolia cerina (toyon) 
   Heteromeles arbutifolia macrocarpa (toyon) 
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Heteromeles arbutifolia arbutifolia

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Common Names: toyon, California-holly, christmasberry

1.  Heteromeles Arbutifolia, a Traditional Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease, Phytochemistry and Safety.LinkIT
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2.  Relative densities of natural enemy and pest insects within California hedgerows.LinkIT
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3.  First Report of Infection of Maiden-Hair Fern (Adiantum jordanii and A. aleuticum) by Phytophthora ramorum in California.LinkIT
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4.  First Report of Foliar Infection of Rosa gymnocarpa by Phytophthora ramorum.LinkIT
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5.  Cyanide toxicosis in goats after ingestion of California Holly (Heteromeles arbutifolia).LinkIT
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6.  Leaf biomechanics, morphology, and anatomy of the deciduous mesophyte Prunus serrulata (Rosaceae) and the evergreen sclerophyllous shrub Heteromeles arbutifolia (Rosaceae).LinkIT
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7.  First Report of the Telial Stage of Gymnosporangium exiguum on Ashe Juniper Adjacent to Hawthorn with Rust in Southwest Texas.LinkIT
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8.  The geometry of light interception by shoots of Heteromeles arbutifolia: morphological and physiological consequences for individual leaves.LinkIT
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9.  The functional ecology of shoot architecture in sun and shade plants of Heteromeles arbutifolia M. Roem., a Californian chaparral shrub.LinkIT
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10.  Dark Leaf Respiration in Light and Darkness of an Evergreen and a Deciduous Plant Species.LinkIT
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