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Broader Terms:
   Halobacterium salinarum 

More Specific:
   Halobacterium cutirubrum 
   Halobacterium denitrificans 
   Halobacterium distributum 
   Halobacterium halobium 
   Halobacterium jilantaiense 
   Halobacterium lacusprofundi 
   Halobacterium marismortui 
   Halobacterium mediterranei 
   Halobacterium noricense 
   Halobacterium pharaonis 
   Halobacterium saccharovorum 
   Halobacterium salinarium 
   Halobacterium salinarum 
   Halobacterium simoncinii 
   Halobacterium sodomense 
   Halobacterium trapanicum 
   Halobacterium tunisiensis 
   Halobacterium vallismortis 
   Halobacterium volcanii 
   environmental samples 
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1.  Lidocaine turns the surface charge of biological membranes more positive and changes the permeability of blood-brain barrier culture models.LinkIT
Santa-Maria AR, Walter FR, Valkai S, Brás AR, Mészáros M, Kincses A, Klepe A, Gaspar D, Castanho MARB, Zimányi L, Dér A, Deli MA
Biochimica et biophysica acta. Biomembranes, 2019

2.  Extremophilic models for astrobiology: haloarchaeal survival strategies and pigments for remote sensing.LinkIT
DasSarma S, DasSarma P, Laye VJ, Schwieterman EW
Extremophiles : life under extreme conditions, 2019

3.  Global transcriptional programs in archaea share features with the eukaryotic environmental stress response.LinkIT
Hackley RK, Schmid AK
Journal of molecular biology, 2019

4.  Biosynthetic nanobubbles for targeted gene delivery by focused ultrasound.LinkIT
Tayier B, Deng Z, Wang Y, Wang W, Mu Y, Yan F
Nanoscale, 2019

5.  Insights into the mechanism of ATP-driven rotary motors from direct torque measurement.LinkIT
Nishizaka T, Masaike T, Nakane D
Biophysical reviews, 2019

6.  Semi-artificial Photosynthetic CO2 Reduction through Purple Membrane Re-engineering with Semiconductor.LinkIT
Chen Z, Zhang H, Guo P, Zhang J, Tira G, Kim YJ, Wu YA, Liu Y, Wen J, Rajh T, Niklas J, Poluektov OG, Laible PD, Rozhkova EA
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2019

7.  Specificity of protein-DNA interactions in hypersaline environment: structural studies on complexes of Halobacterium salinarum oxidative stress-dependent protein hsRosR.LinkIT
Kutnowski N, Shmulevich F, Davidov G, Shahar A, Bar-Zvi D, Eichler J, Zarivach R, Shaanan B
Nucleic acids research, 2019

8.  The Genome Sequence of the Halobacterium salinarum Type Strain Is Closely Related to That of Laboratory Strains NRC-1 and R1.LinkIT
Pfeiffer F, Marchfelder A, Habermann B, Dyall-Smith ML
Microbiology resource announcements, 2019

9.  Insights from the salt bridge analysis of malate dehydrogenase from H. salinarum and E.coli.LinkIT
Bandyopadhyay AK, Islam RNU, Mitra D, Banerjee S, Yasmeen S, Goswami A
Bioinformation, 2019

10.  Increasing Performance and Thermostability of D-Phenylglycine Aminotransferase in Miscible Organic Solvents.LinkIT
Javid H, Wiyakrutta S
Iranian journal of biotechnology, 2018