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   Scarus psittacus (Gogos) 

   Scarus psittacus (Palenosed parrot) 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
   Scarus (parrotfishes) 
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1.  Microbiology of acute bacterial skin and skin-structure infections in Greece: A proposed clinical prediction score for the causative pathogen.LinkIT
Nodaras C, Kotsaki A, Tziolos N, Kontopoulou T, Akinosoglou K, Chrisanthakopoulou M, Kranidioti E, Kritselis I, Voloudakis N, Vittoros V, Gogkou A, Fillas I, Toutouzas KG, Bristianou M, Tsoutsos D, Christaki E, Adamis G, Kaziani K, Tsironis C, Lada M, Kokkinakis E, Sympardi S, Koutelidakis IM, Karkamanis A, Pantazi A, Bayram C, Alexiou Z, Mousoulis G, Gogos C, O'Hare M, Griffiths D, MacGowan A, Sambatakou H, Giamarellos-Bourboulis EJ
International journal of antimicrobial agents, 2019

2.  Vitamin D-related immunomodulation in patients with liver cirrhosis.LinkIT
Triantos C, Kalafateli M, Aggeletopoulou I, Diamantopoulou G, Spantidea PI, Michalaki M, Vourli G, Konstantakis C, Assimakopoulos SF, Manolakopoulos S, Gogos C, Kyriazopoulou V, Mouzaki A, Thomopoulos K
European journal of gastroenterology & hepatology, 2019

3.  Tailoring the Colloidal Stability, Magnetic Separability and Cytocompatibility of High-Capacity Magnetic Anion Exchangers.LinkIT
Anthis AHC, Matter MT, Keevend K, Gerken L, Scheibler S, Doswald S, Gogos A, Herrmann IK
ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2019

4.  Recapitulation and Reversal of Schizophrenia-Related Phenotypes in Setd1a-Deficient Mice.LinkIT
Mukai J, Cannav├▓ E, Crabtree GW, Sun Z, Diamantopoulou A, Thakur P, Chang CY, Cai Y, Lomvardas S, Takata A, Xu B, Gogos JA
Neuron, 2019

5.  Survival benefit associated with clarithromycin in severe community-acquired pneumonia: A matched comparator study.LinkIT
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International journal of antimicrobial agents, 2019

6.  The importance of sex differences in pharmacology research.LinkIT
Gogos A, Langmead C, Sullivan JC, Lawrence AJ
British journal of pharmacology, 2019

7.  The Prognostic Value of Endotoxemia and Intestinal Barrier Biomarker ZO-1 in Bacteremic Sepsis.LinkIT
Assimakopoulos SF, Akinosoglou K, de Lastic AL, Skintzi A, Mouzaki A, Gogos CA
The American journal of the medical sciences, 2019

8.  Nicotine consumption during the prodromal phase of schizophrenia - a review of the literature.LinkIT
Gogos A, Skokou M, Ferentinou E, Gourzis P
Neuropsychiatric disease and treatment, 2019

9.  A model of emotional stress-induced binge eating in female mice with no history of food restriction.LinkIT
Anversa RG, Campbell EJ, Ch'ng SS, Gogos A, Lawrence AJ, Brown RM
Genes, brain, and behavior, 2019

10.  Relation Between Central Venous, Peripheral Venous and Arterial Lactate Levels in Patients With Sepsis in the Emergency Department.LinkIT
Velissaris D, Karamouzos V, Pantzaris ND, Kyriakopoulou O, Gogos C, Karanikolas M
Journal of clinical medicine research, 2019