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1.  Cryptocarya kaengkrachanensis, a new species of Lauraceae from Kaeng Krachan National Park, southwest Thailand.LinkIT
Zhang M, Yahara T, Tagane S, Rueangruea S, Suddee S, Moritsuka E, Suyama Y
PhytoKeys, 2020

2.  Optimized fabrication of newly cholesterol biosensor based on nanocellulose.LinkIT
Abdi MM, Razalli RL, Tahir PM, Chaibakhsh N, Hassani M, Mir M
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2019

3.  Rattan litter-collecting structures attract nest-building and defending ants.LinkIT
Liu K, Mansor A, Ruppert N, Lee CY, Azman NM, Fadzly N
Plant signaling & behavior, 2019

4.  Range extension of Christisonia scortechinii from mainland Southeast Asia into Borneo, and notes on the distinction between Aeginetia and Christisonia (Orobanchaceae).LinkIT
van der Ent A, Wong KM
Botanical studies, 2015

5.  Effect of prenylated flavonoids and chalcones isolated from Artocarpus species on platelet aggregation in human whole blood.LinkIT
Jantan I, Mohd Yasin YH, Jamil S, Sirat H, Basar N
Journal of natural medicines, 2010

6.  New proaporphines from the bark of Phoebe scortechinii.LinkIT
Mukhtar MR, Hadi AH, Rondeau D, Richomme P, Litaudon M, Mustafa MR, Awang K
Natural product research, 2008

7.  Chemical ecology of fruit bat foraging behavior in relation to the fruit odors of two species of paleotropical bat-dispersed figs (Ficus hispida and Ficus scortechinii).LinkIT
Hodgkison R, Ayasse M, Kalko EK, Häberlein C, Schulz S, Mustapha WA, Zubaid A, Kunz TH
Journal of chemical ecology, 2007

8.  Goniothalamus species: a source of drugs for the treatment of cancers and bacterial infections?LinkIT
Wiart C
Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM, 2007

9.  New alkaloids from Phoebe scortechinii.LinkIT
Awang K, Mukhtar MR, Mustafa MR, Litaudon M, Shaari K, Mohamad K, Hadi AH
Natural product research, 2007

10.  Antiplasmodial properties of some Malaysian medicinal plants.LinkIT
Noor Rain A, Khozirah S, Mohd Ridzuan MA, Ong BK, Rohaya C, Rosilawati M, Hamdino I, Badrul A, Zakiah I
Tropical biomedicine, 2007