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1.  Shifts in methanogenic archaea communities and methane dynamics along a subtropical estuarine land use gradient.LinkIT
Euler S, Jeffrey LC, Maher DT, Mackenzie D, Tait DR
PloS one, 2020

2.  A metagenomic assessment of microbial communities in anaerobic bioreactors and sediments: Taxonomic and functional relationships.LinkIT
Beraud-Martínez LK, Gómez-Gil B, Franco-Nava MÁ, Almazán-Rueda P, Betancourt-Lozano M
Anaerobe, 2020

3.  Assessing the Diversity of Benthic Sulfate-Reducing Microorganisms in Northwestern Gulf of Mexico by Illumina Sequencing of dsrB Gene.LinkIT
Sánchez-Soto MF, Cerqueda-García D, Alcántara-Hernández RJ, Falcón LI, Pech D, Árcega-Cabrera F, Aguirre-Macedo ML, García-Maldonado JQ
Microbial ecology, 2020

4.  Contribution of archaea and bacteria in sustaining climate change by oxidizing ammonia and sulfur in an Arctic Fjord.LinkIT
Kajale S, Jani K, Sharma A
Genomics, 2020

5.  Profiling prokaryotic community in pit mud of Chinese strong-aroma type liquor by using oligotrophic culturing.LinkIT
Lu M, Zhou W, Ji F, Wu J, Nie Y, Ren C, Xu Y
International journal of food microbiology, 2020

6.  Hikarchaeia demonstrate an intermediate stage in the methanogen-to-halophile transition.LinkIT
Martijn J, Schön ME, Lind AE, Vosseberg J, Williams TA, Spang A, Ettema TJG
Nature communications, 2020

7.  Betaine Modulates Rumen Archaeal Community and Functioning during Heat and Osmotic Stress Conditions In Vitro.LinkIT
Mahmood M, Khiaosa-Ard R, Zebeli Q, Petri RM
Archaea (Vancouver, B.C.), 2020

8.  Distinct Distribution of Archaea From Soil to Freshwater to Estuary: Implications of Archaeal Composition and Function in Different Environments.LinkIT
Wang H, Bier R, Zgleszewski L, Peipoch M, Omondi E, Mukherjee A, Chen F, Zhang C, Kan J
Frontiers in microbiology, 2020

9.  An Oscillating MinD Protein Determines the Cellular Positioning of the Motility Machinery in Archaea.LinkIT
Nußbaum P, Ithurbide S, Walsh JC, Patro M, Delpech F, Rodriguez-Franco M, Curmi PMG, Duggin IG, Quax TEF, Albers SV
Current biology : CB, 2020

10.  Unveiling the Biodiversity of Hyperthermophilic Archaea in Jharia Coal Mines: Potential Threat to Methanogenesis?LinkIT
Jha P, Singh J, Vidyarthi AS, Prasad R
Current genomics, 2020