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   Ethadophis epinepheli 
   Microrhynchus epinepheli 

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   Anguilliformes (Eel) 

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1.  Zschokkella epinepheli n. sp. (Myxosporea: Myxidiidae) infecting the gallbladder of the white grouper Epinephelus aeneus (Serranidae) from Tunisian waters.LinkIT
Bouderbala K, Rangel LF, Santos MJ, Bahri S
Parasitology research, 2021

2.  New records of anisakid nematodes from marine fishes off New Caledonia, with descriptions of five new species of Raphidascaris (Ichthyascaris) (Nematoda, Anisakidae).LinkIT
Moravec F, Justine JL
Parasite (Paris, France), 2020

3.  A new species of Haliotrema (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalidae (sensu lato) Bychowsky & Nagibina, 1968) from holocentrids off Langkawi Island, Malaysia with notes on the phylogeny of related Haliotrema species.LinkIT
Parasitology international, 2019

4.  Morphological and molecular data for species of Lecithaster Lühe, 1901 and Hysterolecithoides Yamaguti, 1934 (Digenea: Lecithasteridae) from fish of East Asia and phylogenetic relationships within the Hemiuroidea Looss, 1899.LinkIT
Atopkin DM, Nakao M, Besprozvannykh VV, Ha ND, Nguyen HV, Sasaki M
Journal of helminthology, 2018

5.  Two new species of nematode parasites, Cucullanus epinepheli sp. n. (Cucullanidae) and Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus) sinespinis sp. n. (Camallanidae), from marine serranid and haemulid fishes off New Caledonia.LinkIT
Moravec F, Justine JL
Folia parasitologica, 2017

6.  New records of Caligidae (Copepoda, Siphonostomatoida) from the Philippines.LinkIT
Maran BA, Cruz-Lacierda ER, Ohtsuka S, Nagasawa K
Zootaxa, 2016

7.  Two Myxozoans from the Urinary Tract of Topsmelt, Atherinops affinis.LinkIT
Sanders JL, Jaramillo AG, Ashford JE, Feist SW, Lafferty KD, Kent ML
The Journal of parasitology, 2015

8.  Metazoan parasite infracommunities of Mycteroperca bonaci (Poey, 1960) (Pisces: Epinephelidae) in reef and coastal environments off the coast of Yucatán, México.LinkIT
Espínola-Novelo JF, González-Salas C, Guillén-Hernández S, MacKenzie K
Acta parasitologica, 2015

9.  Pseudorhabdosynochus species (Monogenoidea, Diplectanidae) parasitizing groupers (Serranidae, Epinephelinae, Epinephelini) in the western Atlantic Ocean and adjacent waters, with descriptions of 13 new species.LinkIT
Kritsky DC, Bakenhaster MD, Adams DH
Parasite (Paris, France), 2015

10.  Philometrid nematodes (Philometridae) from marine fishes off the northern coast of Australia, including three new species.LinkIT
Moravec F, Diggles BK
Folia parasitologica, 2014