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Broader Terms:
   Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) 

More Specific:
   Dallia pectoralis (Alaska blackfish) 
   Esocidae (pickerels) 
   Esox americanus americanus (Pickerel) 
   Esox americanus vermiculatus (Pickerel) 
   Esox lucius (Jack) 
   Esox masquinongy (Allegheny River pike) 
   Esox niger (chain pickerel) 
   Esox reichertii (Blackspotted pike) 
   Novumbra hubbsi (Olympic mudminnow) 
   Umbra krameri (Mudminnow) 
   Umbra limi (central mudminnow) 
   Umbra pygmaea (Mud minnow) 
   Umbridae (mudminnows) 
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Esox lucius
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Common Names: mudminnows, pikes

1.  Early-branching euteleost relationships: areas of congruence between concatenation and coalescent model inferences.LinkIT
Campbell MA, Alfaro ME, Belasco M, López JA
PeerJ, 2017

2.  Mitochondrial genome of Esox flaviae (Southern pike): announcement and comparison with other Esocidae.LinkIT
Gandolfi A, Fontaneto D, Natali M, Lucentini L
Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis, 2016

3.  Beringian sub-refugia revealed in blackfish (Dallia): implications for understanding the effects of Pleistocene glaciations on Beringian taxa and other Arctic aquatic fauna.LinkIT
Campbell MA, Takebayashi N, López JA
BMC evolutionary biology, 2015

4.  Persistent Organochlorine Pesticide Exposure Related to a Formerly Used Defense Site on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska: Data from Sentinel Fish and Human Sera.LinkIT
Byrne S, Miller P, Waghiyi V, Buck CL, von Hippel FA, Carpenter DO
Journal of toxicology and environmental health. Part A, 2015

5.  The genome and linkage map of the northern pike (Esox lucius): conserved synteny revealed between the salmonid sister group and the Neoteleostei.LinkIT
Rondeau EB, Minkley DR, Leong JS, Messmer AM, Jantzen JR, von Schalburg KR, Lemon C, Bird NH, Koop BF
PloS one, 2014

6.  Origins and functional diversification of salinity-responsive Na(+) , K(+) ATPase ?1 paralogs in salmonids.LinkIT
Dalziel AC, Bittman J, Mandic M, Ou M, Schulte PM
Molecular ecology, 2014

7.  Comparative analysis reveals that polyploidy does not decelerate diversification in fish.LinkIT
Zhan SH, Glick L, Tsigenopoulos CS, Otto SP, Mayrose I
Journal of evolutionary biology, 2014

8.  Mitochondrial phylogeography of a Beringian relict: the endemic freshwater genus of blackfish Dallia (Esociformes).LinkIT
Campbell MA, Lopéz JA
Journal of fish biology, 2014

9.  Pike and salmon as sister taxa: detailed intraclade resolution and divergence time estimation of Esociformes + Salmoniformes based on whole mitochondrial genome sequences.LinkIT
Campbell MA, López JA, Sado T, Miya M
Gene, 2013

10.  Molecular and phenotypic evidence of a new species of genus Esox (Esocidae, Esociformes, Actinopterygii): the southern pike, Esox flaviae.LinkIT
Lucentini L, Puletti ME, Ricciolini C, Gigliarelli L, Fontaneto D, Lanfaloni L, Bilò F, Natali M, Panara F
PloS one, 2011