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Broader Terms:
   Ensifera (Long-horned Orthoptera) 
   Orthoptera (katydids) 
   Trochilidae (hummingbirds) 

More Specific:
   Ensifera ensifera (Sword-billed Hummingbird) 
   Gryllacrididae (wingless long-horned grasshoppers) 
   Gryllidae (Field Crickets) 
   Gryllotalpidae (mole crickets) 
   Prophalangopsidae (hump-winged crickets) 
   Stenopelmatidae (jerusalem crickets) 
   Tettigoniidae (long-horned grasshoppers) 
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External Resources:

1.  A preliminary research and notes on Orthoptera (Insecta) Fauna of Hakkari Province.LinkIT
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2.  A new species of Apteroscirtus Karsch, 1891 (Ensifera, Tettigoniidae, Mecopodinae) from Angola.LinkIT
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3.  Diversity and distribution of the superfamily Grylloidea (Orthoptera: Ensifera: Gryllidea) in the Nearctic region.LinkIT
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5.  Vibrational signalling, an underappreciated mode in cricket communication.LinkIT
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6.  A new species of Dune Cricket from China (Orthoptera: Ensifera: Schizodactylidae).LinkIT
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7.  Checklist of the infraorder Gryllidea (Orthoptera: Ensifera) from Yunnan province, China, with description of one new species.LinkIT
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8.  Molecular genetics and phylogeny of Ephippigera species group of genus Saga Charpentier, 1825 (Orthoptera: Ensifera: Saginae) in Anatolia.LinkIT
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10.  Anotated Checklist of Chinese Ensifera: The Gryllacrididae.LinkIT
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