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   Elaeagnus (silverberry) 

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1.  Fermentation with mono- and mixed cultures of Lactobacillus plantarum and L. casei enhances the phytochemical content and biological activities of cherry silverberry (Elaeagnus multiflora Thunb.) fruit.LinkIT
Lizardo RCM, Cho HD, Won YS, Seo KI
Journal of the science of food and agriculture, 2020

2.  Response of blood platelets to phenolic fraction and non-polar fraction from the leaves and twigs of Elaeagnus rhamnoides (L.) A. Nelson in vitro.LinkIT
Skalski B, Stochmal A, ?uchowski J, Grabarczyk ?, Olas B
Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie, 2020

3.  Antioxidant Activity of Compounds Isolated from Elaeagnus umbellata Promotes Human Gingival Fibroblast Well-Being.LinkIT
Iannuzzi AM, Giacomelli C, De Leo M, Pietrobono D, Camangi F, De Tommasi N, Martini C, Trincavelli ML, Braca A
Journal of natural products, 2020

4.  The presence of moderate salt can increase tolerance of Elaeagnus angustifolia seedlings to waterlogging stress.LinkIT
Liu X, Chen C, Liu Y, Liu Y, Zhao Y, Chen M
Plant signaling & behavior, 2020

5.  Inhibitory Effect of 1,5-Dimethyl Citrate from Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) on Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory Response in RAW 264.7 Mouse Macrophages.LinkIT
Baek SC, Lee D, Jo MS, Lee KH, Lee YH, Kang KS, Yamabe N, Kim KH
Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

6.  Bioinspired morphology-controlled silver nanoparticles for antimicrobial application.LinkIT
Ali S, Perveen S, Ali M, Jiao T, Sharma AS, Hassan H, Devaraj S, Li H, Chen Q
Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications, 2020

7.  Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Potential of Bioactive Molecules Ursolic Acid and Thujone Isolated from Memecylon edule and Elaeagnus indica and Their Inhibitory Effect on Topoisomerase II by Molecular Docking Approach.LinkIT
Srinivasan R, Aruna A, Lee JS, Kim M, Shivakumar MS, Natarajan D
BioMed research international, 2020

8.  Analysis of the genetic diversity of the coastal and island endangered plant species Elaeagnus macrophylla via conserved DNA-derived polymorphism marker.LinkIT
Wang Y, Ma Y, Jia B, Wu Q, Zang D, Yu X
PeerJ, 2020

9.  Triterpenoid Saponin and Lignan Glycosides from the Traditional Medicine Elaeagnus angustifolia Flowers and Their Cytotoxic Activities.LinkIT
Han J, Chen X, Liu W, Cui H, Yuan T
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

10.  Evaluation of prokinetic and laxative effects of Hippophae rhamnoides in rodents.LinkIT
Hanif M, Mehmood MH, Ishrat G, Abdullah A, Sohail S, Ahmed M, Gilani AH
Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 2019