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   Phoxinus phoxinus (Edling) 

   Cyprinus phoxinus 
   Phoxinus phoxinus (pink) 

Broader Terms:
   Cypriniformes (suckers) 
   Cyprinus (common carps) 
   Phoxinus (redbelly daces) 
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Cyprinus phoxinus
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1.  Molecular basis of arrhythmic substrate in ageing murine peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor ? co-activator deficient hearts modelling mitochondrial dysfunction.LinkIT
Edling CE, Fazmin IT, Saadeh K, Chadda KR, Ahmad S, Valli H, Huang CL, Jeevaratnam K
Bioscience reports, 2019

2.  Shoal familiarity modulates effects of individual metabolism on vulnerability to capture by trawling.LinkIT
Hollins JPW, Thambithurai D, Van Leeuwen TE, Allan B, Koeck B, Bailey D, Killen SS
Conservation physiology, 2019

3.  Comprehensive analysis of population genetics of Phoxinus phoxinus ujmonensis in the Irtysh River: Abiotic and biotic factors.LinkIT
Xie P, Zhao G, Niu JG, Wang J, Zhou Q, Guo Y, Ma XF
Ecology and evolution, 2019

4.  The climate sensitivity of carbon, timber, and species richness covaries with forest age in boreal-temperate North America.LinkIT
Thom D, Golivets M, Edling L, Meigs GW, Gourevitch JD, Sonter LJ, Galford GL, Keeton WS
Global change biology, 2019

5.  Cardiomyopathy with lethal arrhythmias associated with inactivation of KLHL24.LinkIT
Hedberg-Oldfors C, Abramsson A, Osborn DPS, Danielsson O, Fazlinezhad A, Nilipour Y, Hübbert L, Nennesmo I, Visuttijai K, Bharj J, Petropoulou E, Shoreim A, Vona B, Ahangari N, López MD, Doosti M, Banote RK, Maroofian R, Edling M, Taherpour M, Zetterberg H, Karimiani EG, Oldfors A, Jamshidi Y
Human molecular genetics, 2019

6.  Preclinical validation of 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1 inhibition in pancreatic cancer.LinkIT
Emmanouilidi A, Fyffe CA, Ferro R, Edling CE, Capone E, Sestito S, Rapposelli S, Lattanzio R, Iacobelli S, Sala G, Maffucci T, Falasca M
Journal of experimental & clinical cancer research : CR, 2019

7.  Atrial Transcriptional Profiles of Molecular Targets Mediating Electrophysiological Function in Aging and Pgc-1? Deficient Murine Hearts.LinkIT
Edling CE, Fazmin IT, Chadda KR, Ahmad S, Valli H, Huang CL, Jeevaratnam K
Frontiers in physiology, 2019

8.  Ageing in Pgc-1?-/- mice modelling mitochondrial dysfunction induces differential expression of a range of genes regulating ventricular electrophysiology.LinkIT
Edling CE, Fazmin IT, Chadda KR, Ahmad S, Valli H, Grace AA, Huang CL, Jeevaratnam K
Bioscience reports, 2019

9.  School's out forever? Heavy metal preferences and higher education.LinkIT
Hällsten M, Edling C, Rydgren J
PloS one, 2019

10.  Variability of functional traits and their syndromes in a freshwater fish species (Phoxinus phoxinus): The role of adaptive and nonadaptive processes.LinkIT
Raffard A, Cucherousset J, Prunier JG, Loot G, Santoul F, Blanchet S
Ecology and evolution, 2019