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   Dipturus campbelli (Blackspot skate) 
   Dipturus pullopunctata (Skate) 
   Raja campbelli (Blackspot skate) 

Broader Terms:
   Dipturus (longnosed skates) 
   Raja (skates) 
   Rajiformes (rays) 
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Dipturus Rafinesque, 1810 - WoRMS latest taxa marked as checked

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Common Names: Blackspot skate, Raia mancha preta, 坎貝爾氏鰩, 坎贝尔氏鳐, Zwartvlekrog

1.  Description of a new species of rhinebothriidean tapeworm from the skate Dipturus batis in the Mediterranean Sea.LinkIT
Benmeslem K, Randhawa HS, Tazerouti F
Journal of helminthology, 2019

2.  On the presence of Dipturus nidarosiensis (Storm, 1881) in the Central Mediterranean area.LinkIT
Carbonara P, Cannas R, Donnaloia M, Melis R, Porcu C, Spedicato MT, Zupa W, Follesa MC
PeerJ, 2019

3.  First observations on captive hatching and incubation period of the yellow-nose skate Dipturus chilensis (Rajiformes: Rajidae), from the South-Eastern Pacific Ocean.LinkIT
Concha F, Morales N, Hernández S
Journal of fish biology, 2018

4.  Highly stable gold nanoparticles green-synthesized by upcycling cartilage waste extract from yellow-nose skate (Dipturus chilensis) and evaluation of its cytotoxicity, haemocompatibility and antioxidant activity.LinkIT
Ahn EY, Lee YJ, Choi SY, Im AR, Kim YS, Park Y
Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology, 2018

5.  A molecular approach towards taxonomic identification of elasmobranch species from Maltese fisheries landings.LinkIT
Vella A, Vella N, Schembri S
Marine genomics, 2017

6.  Redescription and Molecular Assessment of Relationships Among Three Species of Echeneibothrium (Rhinebothriidea: Echeneibothriidae) Parasitizing the Yellownose Skate, Dipturus chilensis, in Chile.LinkIT
Bueno VM, Caira JN
The Journal of parasitology, 2017

7.  First evidence of persistent organic contaminants as potential anthropogenic stressors in the Barndoor Skate Dipturus laevis.LinkIT
Lyons K, Adams DH
Marine pollution bulletin, 2017

8.  Life-history traits of the long-nosed skate Dipturus oxyrinchus.LinkIT
Bellodi A, Porcu C, Cannas R, Cau A, Marongiu MF, Mulas A, Vittori S, Follesa MC
Journal of fish biology, 2017

9.  Towards sustainable fishery management for skates in South America: The genetic population structure of Zearaja chilensis and Dipturus trachyderma (Chondrichthyes, Rajiformes) in the south-east Pacific Ocean.LinkIT
Vargas-Caro C, Bustamante C, Bennett MB, Ovenden JR
PloS one, 2017

10.  Schistobrachia kabata sp. nov. (Siphonostomatoida: Lernaeopodidae) from rajiform hosts off South Africa.LinkIT
Dippenaar SM
Zootaxa, 2016