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Molecular phylogeny and systematics of Dipodoidea: a test of morphology‐b... - Zoologica Scripta
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1.  Molecular systematics of the Sicista tianschanica species complex: a contribution from historical DNA analysis.LinkIT
Lebedev VS, Kovalskaya Y, Solovyeva EN, Zemlemerova ED, Bannikova AA, Rusin MY, Matrosova VA
PeerJ, 2021

2.  Whole mitochondrial genome sequence and phylogenetic relationships of Williams's jerboa (Scarturus williamsi) from Turkey.LinkIT
?bi? O
PeerJ, 2020

3.  High frequency audible calls in northern birch mice Sicista betulina in response to handling: effects of individuality, sex and body mass on the acoustics.LinkIT
Volodin IA, Klenova AV, Ilchenko OG, Volodina EV
BMC research notes, 2019

4.  rahu is a mutant allele of Dnmt3c, encoding a DNA methyltransferase homolog required for meiosis and transposon repression in the mouse male germline.LinkIT
Jain D, Meydan C, Lange J, Claeys Bouuaert C, Lailler N, Mason CE, Anderson KV, Keeney S
PLoS genetics, 2017

5.  The nearly complete mitochondrial genome of Chinese pygmy dormouse Typhlomys cinereus (Rodentia: Platacanthomyidae).LinkIT
Lv X, Cong H, Kong L, Motokawa M, Harada M, Wu Y, Li Y
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2016

6.  Multiple phylogenetically distinct events shaped the evolution of limb skeletal morphologies associated with bipedalism in the jerboas.LinkIT
Moore TY, Organ CL, Edwards SV, Biewener AA, Tabin CJ, Jenkins FA, Cooper KL
Current biology : CB, 2015

7.  The evolution of bipedalism in jerboas (rodentia: Dipodoidea): origin in humid and forested environments.LinkIT
Wu S, Zhang F, Edwards SV, Wu W, Ye J, Bi S, Ni X, Quan C, Meng J, Organ CL
Evolution; international journal of organic evolution, 2014

8.  Evolutionary and developmental dynamics of the dentition in Muroidea and Dipodoidea (Rodentia, Mammalia).LinkIT
Rodrigues HG, Charles C, Marivaux L, Vianey-Liaud M, Viriot L
Evolution & development, 2011

9.  Dental microwear in relation to changes in the direction of mastication during the evolution of Myodonta (Rodentia, Mammalia).LinkIT
Charles C, Jaeger JJ, Michaux J, Viriot L
Die Naturwissenschaften, 2007

10.  Evolution of the spermatozoon in muroid rodents.LinkIT
Breed WG
Journal of morphology, 2005