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   Delta proteobacteria 

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   Desulfuromonadales bacterium 
   environmental samples 
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1.  Anaerobic benzene mineralization by natural microbial communities from Niger Delta.LinkIT
Eziuzor SC, Schmidt M, Vogt C
Biodegradation, 2021

2.  The oral microbiome and salivary proteins influence caries in children aged 6 to 8 years.LinkIT
Chen W, Jiang Q, Yan G, Yang D
BMC oral health, 2020

3.  The remediation of urban freshwater sediment by humic-reducing activated sludge.LinkIT
Li M, Sun J, Liu C, Tang Y, Huang J
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2020

4.  Dissipation of S-metolachlor and butachlor in agricultural soils and responses of bacterial communities: Insights from compound-specific isotope and biomolecular analyses.LinkIT
Torabi E, Wiegert C, Guyot B, Vuilleumier S, Imfeld G
Journal of environmental sciences (China), 2020

5.  Evidence for phylogenetically and catabolically diverse active diazotrophs in deep-sea sediment.LinkIT
Kapili BJ, Barnett SE, Buckley DH, Dekas AE
The ISME journal, 2020

6.  Bacterial diversity in surface sediments from the continental shelf and slope of the North West gulf of Mexico and the presence of hydrocarbon degrading bacteria.LinkIT
Ramírez D, Vega-Alvarado L, Taboada B, Estradas-Romero A, Soto L, Juárez K
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

7.  Dysbiosis of lower respiratory tract microbiome are associated with inflammation and microbial function variety.LinkIT
Li KJ, Chen ZL, Huang Y, Zhang R, Luan XQ, Lei TT, Chen L
Respiratory research, 2019

8.  Enhancement of COD removal in constructed wetlands treating saline wastewater: Intertidal wetland sediment as a novel inoculation.LinkIT
Wang Q, Cao Z, Liu Q, Zhang J, Hu Y, Zhang J, Xu W, Kong Q, Yuan X, Chen Q
Journal of environmental management, 2019

9.  Water managements limit heavy metal accumulation in rice: Dual effects of iron-plaque formation and microbial communities.LinkIT
Zhang Q, Chen H, Huang D, Xu C, Zhu H, Zhu Q
The Science of the total environment, 2019

10.  Response to starvation and microbial community composition in microbial fuel cells enriched on different electron donors.LinkIT
Saheb-Alam S, Persson F, Wilén BM, Hermansson M, Modin O
Microbial biotechnology, 2019