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Broader Terms:
   Cyperus (Galingale) 

More Specific:
   Cyperus longus adoensis 
   Cyperus longus auratus 
   Cyperus longus badiiformis 
   Cyperus longus badius 
   Cyperus longus cypricus 
   Cyperus longus difformis 
   Cyperus longus discolor 
   Cyperus longus elongatus 
   Cyperus longus gracilis 
   Cyperus longus guthnickii 
   Cyperus longus heldreichianus 
   Cyperus longus intermedius 
   Cyperus longus leptochlaenus 
   Cyperus longus longispiculatus 
   Cyperus longus longus 
   Cyperus longus lucanus 
   Cyperus longus maculatus 
   Cyperus longus myriostachyus 
   Cyperus longus pallescens 
   Cyperus longus pallidior 
   Cyperus longus pallidus 
   Cyperus longus parlatoris 
   Cyperus longus speciosus 
   Cyperus longus stenostachyus 
   Cyperus longus tenuiflorus 
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Cyperus longus
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Common Names: Engish Galingale, Galingale

1.  Vegetation zonation along the desert-wetland ecosystem of Taif Highland, Saudi Arabia.LinkIT
Galal TM, Al-Yasi HM, Fadl MA
Saudi journal of biological sciences, 2021

2.  Evaluation of the cytotoxic effects of Cyperus longus extract, fractions and its essential oil on the PC3 and MCF7 cancer cell lines.LinkIT
Memariani T, Hosseini T, Kamali H, Mohammadi A, Ghorbani M, Shakeri A, Spandidos DA, Tsatsakis AM, Shahsavand S
Oncology letters, 2016

3.  Synergistic combinations of high hydrostatic pressure and essential oils or their constituents and their use in preservation of fruit juices.LinkIT
Espina L, García-Gonzalo D, Laglaoui A, Mackey BM, Pagán R
International journal of food microbiology, 2013

4.  Structures of novel norstilbene dimer, longusone A, and three new stilbene dimers, longusols A, B, and C, with antiallergic and radical scavenging activities from Egyptian natural medicine Cyperus longus.LinkIT
Morikawa T, Xu F, Matsuda H, Yoshikawa M
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin, 2010

5.  Mercury accumulation in soils and plants in the Almadén mining district, Spain: one of the most contaminated sites on Earth.LinkIT
Molina JA, Oyarzun R, Esbrí JM, Higueras P
Environmental geochemistry and health, 2006

6.  Low growth temperatures modify the efficiency of light use by photosystem II for CO2 assimilation in leaves of two chilling-tolerant C4 species, Cyperus longus L. and Miscanthus x giganteus.LinkIT
Farage PK, Blowers D, Long SP, Baker NR
Plant, cell & environment, 2006

7.  Structures of new sesquiterpenes and hepatoprotective constituents from the Egyptian herbal medicine Cyperus longus.LinkIT
Xu F, Morikawa T, Matsuda H, Ninomiya K, Yoshikawa M
Journal of natural products, 2004