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   Cracca dasyphylla 
   Tephrosia argyrolampra 
   Tephrosia dasyphylla 

Broader Terms:
   Tephrosia (hoarypea) 

More Specific:
   Tephrosia dasyphylla amplissima 
   Tephrosia dasyphylla butayei 
   Tephrosia dasyphylla dasyphylla 
   Tephrosia dasyphylla youngii 

External Resources:

1.  Metal remediation potential of naturally occurring plants growing on barren fly ash dumps.LinkIT
Maiti D, Pandey VC
Environmental geochemistry and health, 2021

2.  Tephrosia purpurea Represents a New Host of 16SrII-V Subgroup Phytoplasma Associated with Witches'-Broom Disease in China.LinkIT
Yu SS, Zhao RL, Lin MX, Wu Y, Song WW, Yan W
Plant disease, 2021

3.  Deciphering the multi-scale mechanisms of Tephrosia purpurea against polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and its major psychiatric comorbidities: Studies from network pharmacological perspective.LinkIT
Choudhary N, Choudhary S, Kumar A, Singh V
Gene, 2021

4.  Lipid composition and antioxidant activities of some underused wild plants seeds from Burundi.LinkIT
Niyukuri J, Raiti J, Ntakarutimana V, Hafidi A
Food science & nutrition, 2021

5.  Plants in the Genus Tephrosia: Valuable Resources for Botanical Insecticides.LinkIT
Zhang P, Qin D, Chen J, Zhang Z
Insects, 2020

6.  Isoflavones from the seedpods of Tephrosia vogelii and pyrazoisopongaflavone with anti-inflammatory effects.LinkIT
Owor RO, Derese S, Bedane KG, Zühlke S, Ndakala A, Spiteller M
Fitoterapia, 2020

7.  Molecular interaction of human acetylcholinesterase with trans-tephrostachin and derivatives for Alzheimer's disease.LinkIT
Pitchai A, Rajaretinam RK, Mani R, Nagarajan N
Heliyon, 2020

8.  New prenylated flavonoid and neuroprotective compounds from Tephrosia purpurea subsp. dunensis.LinkIT
Sallam A, Mira A, Sabry MA, Abdel-Halim OB, Gedara SR, Galala AA
Natural product research, 2020

9.  Prenylated Flavonoids from the Roots of Tephrosia rhodesica.LinkIT
Atilaw Y, Muiva-Mutisya L, Bogaerts J, Duffy S, Valkonen A, Heydenreich M, Avery VM, Rissanen K, Erdélyi M, Yenesew A
Journal of natural products, 2020

10.  A chalcone (Pongamol) and phytoconstituents of Tephrosia purpurea.LinkIT
Sahayaraj K, Kombiah P, Rathi JAM
Natural product research, 2020