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Broader Terms:
   Lamiaceae (mint) 

More Specific:
   Clinopodium acinos 
   Clinopodium alpinum 
   Clinopodium arkansanum (limestone calamint) 
   Clinopodium ascendens (ascending wild basil) 
   Clinopodium ashei (Ashe's calamint) 
   Clinopodium axillare 
   Clinopodium bolivianum 
   Clinopodium brownei (Browne's savory) 
   Clinopodium chandleri (San Miguel calamint) 
   Clinopodium chinense 
   Clinopodium coccineum (scarlet calamint) 
   Clinopodium creticum 
   Clinopodium cylindristachys 
   Clinopodium darwinii 
   Clinopodium dentatum (Florida calamint) 
   Clinopodium douglasii (yerba buena) 
   Clinopodium fasciculatum 
   Clinopodium georgianum (Georgia calamint) 
   Clinopodium gilliesii 
   Clinopodium glabellum (Ozark calamint) 
   Clinopodium glabrum 
   Clinopodium gracile (slender wild basil) 
   Clinopodium jacquelinae 
   Clinopodium macrocalyx 
   Clinopodium mimuloides (monkeyflower savory) 
   Clinopodium mutabile 
   Clinopodium nepeta 
   Clinopodium nubigenum 
   Clinopodium revolutum 
   Clinopodium sericeum 
   Clinopodium speciosum 
   Clinopodium tomentosum 
   Clinopodium vanum 
   Clinopodium vulgare (Field Basil) 
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H20130801-9331Clinopodium mimuloidesRPBG - Plant Taxonomy Photo Pool

Clinopodium vulgare
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Common Names: clinopodium

1.  Protective effect of Clinopodium chinense (Benth.) O. Kuntze against abnormal uterine bleeding in female rats.LinkIT
Li L, Huang Q, Duan X, Han L, Peng D
Journal of pharmacological sciences, 2020

2.  Transcriptome analysis of Clinopodium gracile (Benth.) Matsum and identification of genes related to Triterpenoid Saponin biosynthesis.LinkIT
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4.  In vivo toxicity assessment of Clinopodium vulgare L. water extract characterized by UHPLC-HRMS.LinkIT
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8.  Transcriptome Analysis of Clinopodium chinense (Benth.) O. Kuntze and Identification of Genes Involved in Triterpenoid Saponin Biosynthesis.LinkIT
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International journal of molecular sciences, 2019

9.  Diterpenoid and triterpenoid glycosides from Clinopodium chinense.LinkIT
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10.  Toxicity and oviposition deterrence of essential oils of Clinopodium nubigenum and Lavandula angustifolia against the myiasis-inducing blowfly Lucilia sericata.LinkIT
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