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   Cleroidea (Bark-gnawing Flower Beetles) 

Broader Terms:
   Cleroidea (soft-winged flower beetles) 
   Coleoptera (beetles) 
   Polyphaga (snout beetles) 

More Specific:
   Cleridae (checkered beetles) 
   Dasytidae (dasytid beetles) 
   Melyridae (solf-winged flower beetles) 
   Trogositidae (bark-gnawing beetles) 
   Trogossitidae (cadelles) 
   Unassigned cleroids 
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Common Names: Bark-gnawing Flower Beetles, Checkered Flower Beetles, soft-winged flower beetles

1.  Carinicateres merkli gen. et sp. nov. from Thailand, with notes on identification of two lophocateride beetles used in recent molecular phylogenies (Cleroidea, Lophocateridae).LinkIT
Kolibá? J
Zootaxa, 2021

2.  A review of the genus Anthocomus Erichson, 1840 (Coleoptera, Cleroidea, Malachiidae) species of Inner Asia.LinkIT
Tshernyshev SE
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3.  First Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Melyridae (Coleoptera, Cleroidea): Genome Description and Phylogenetic Implications.LinkIT
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4.  Description of a new species of Mauroniscus Bourgeois, 1911 from Chile (Coleoptera: Mauroniscidae).LinkIT
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5.  Mitochondrial genomes of three Bostrichiformia species and phylogenetic analysis of Polyphaga (Insecta, Coleoptera).LinkIT
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Genomics, 2020

6.  Characterization of the Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Epicauta impressicornis (Coleoptera: Meloidae) and Its Phylogenetic Implications for the Infraorder Cucujiformia.LinkIT
Liu YY, Zhou ZC, Chen XS
Journal of insect science (Online), 2020

7.  High genetic variation within mitochondrial CO1 in Middle European Thanasimus formicarius (Linné, 1758) (Coleoptera: Cleridae).LinkIT
Gerstmeier R, Morinière J, Hendrich L
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8.  An annotated checklist of the Iranian Dasytidae and Rhadalidae (Coleoptera: Cleroidea).LinkIT
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9.  Contribution to study of the superfamily Cleroidea (Coleoptera) from Iran and adjacent countries: a checklist of Melyridae, Prionoceridae and Trogossitidae.LinkIT
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Zootaxa, 2018

10.  An annotated checklist of Malachiidae (Coleoptera: Cleroidea) from Iran.LinkIT
Mirutenko V, Ghahari H
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