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Broader Terms:
   Anura (toads) 

More Specific:
   Pelobatidae (archaic frogs) 
   Pelodytidae (european spadefoot toads) 
   Pipidae (Tongueless frogs) 
   Rhinophrynidae (Burrowing toads) 
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1.  Establish reference sequences for each clade of SARS-CoV-2 to provide a basis for virus variation and function research.LinkIT
Yu J, Sun S, Tang Q, Wang C, Yu L, Ren L, Li J, Zhang Z
Journal of medical virology, 2021

2.  Functional analysis of GT61 glycosyltransferases from grass species in xylan substitutions.LinkIT
Zhong R, Cui D, Phillips DR, Sims NT, Ye ZH
Planta, 2021

3.  A genetically tractable jellyfish model for systems and evolutionary neuroscience.LinkIT
Weissbourd B, Momose T, Nair A, Kennedy A, Hunt B, Anderson DJ
Cell, 2021

4.  Interspecific Hybridization and Complete Mitochondrial Genome Analysis of Two Ghost Moth Species.LinkIT
Wu H, Cao L, He M, Han R, De Clercq P
Insects, 2021

5.  Nine Mitochondrial Genomes of the Pyraloidea and Their Phylogenetic Implications (Lepidoptera).LinkIT
Liu X, Qi M, Xu H, Wu Z, Hu L, Yang M, Li H
Insects, 2021

6.  Evolution of diverse host infection mechanisms delineates an adaptive radiation of lampsiline freshwater mussels centered on their larval ecology.LinkIT
Hewitt TL, Haponski AE, Foighil DÓ
PeerJ, 2021

7.  The Mitochondrial Genomes of 18 New Pleurosticti (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Exhibit a Novel trnQ-NCR-trnI-trnM Gene Rearrangement and Clarify Phylogenetic Relationships of Subfamilies within Scarabaeidae.LinkIT
Ayivi SPG, Tong Y, Storey KB, Yu DN, Zhang JY
Insects, 2021

8.  Dryopteriswulingshanensis (Dryopteridaceae), a new species from Hunan, China.LinkIT
Shu JP, Liu ZY, Gu ZR, Chen LJ, Wei HJ, Zhou XL, Yan YH, Wang RJ
PhytoKeys, 2021

9.  Returning to the roots: resolution, reproducibility, and robusticity in the phylogenetic inference of Dissorophidae (Amphibia: Temnospondyli).LinkIT
Gee BM
PeerJ, 2021

10.  A Novel Archaeal Lineage in Boiling Hot Springs around Oyasukyo Gorge (Akita, Japan).LinkIT
Asamatsu K, Yoshitake K, Saito M, Prasitwuttisak W, Ishibashi JI, Tsutsumi A, Mustapha NA, Maeda T, Yanagawa K
Microbes and environments, 2021