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   Chaerodon anchorago 
   Choerodon anchorago (Anchor trunkfish) 
   Sparus anchorago 

Broader Terms:
   Choerodon (tuskfishes) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Sparus anchorago
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Common Names: Maming, Balaki, Tawassang tanru, Yellowcheek tuskfish, Lippfisch, Lupet, Anchor tuskfish, Labayan, White-belly tuskfish, Yellow-cheek tuskfish, Gigi anjing, Bankilan, Bungat, Maidague defense, Mem, Kusabi-bera, orangedotted tuskfish, Tamago, Bayan, Isdang bato, Bukan, Vieja de colmillos, Orange-dotted tuskfish, Yellow-cheeked tuskfish, Budech ....

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