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1.  STING mediates immune responses in the closest living relatives of animals.LinkIT
Woznica A, Kumar A, Sturge CR, Xing C, King N, Pfeiffer JK
eLife, 2021

2.  Stable transfection in protist Corallochytrium limacisporum identifies novel cellular features among unicellular animals relatives.LinkIT
Ko?yczkowska A, Najle SR, Ocaña-Pallarès E, Aresté C, Shabardina V, Ara PS, Ruiz-Trillo I, Casacuberta E
Current biology : CB, 2021

3.  Salinity is the major driver of the global eukaryotic community structure in fish-canning wastewater treatment plants.LinkIT
Correa-Galeote D, Roibás A, Mosquera-Corral A, Juárez-Jiménez B, González-López J, Rodelas B
Journal of environmental management, 2021

4.  A phylogenetic view and functional annotation of the animal ?1,3-glycosyltransferases of the GT31 CAZy family.LinkIT
Petit D, Teppa RE, Harduin-Lepers A
Glycobiology, 2021

5.  Choanoflagellates and the ancestry of neurosecretory vesicles.LinkIT
Göhde R, Naumann B, Laundon D, Imig C, McDonald K, Cooper BH, Varoqueaux F, Fasshauer D, Burkhardt P
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 2021

6.  Exon Shuffling Played a Decisive Role in the Evolution of the Genetic Toolkit for the Multicellular Body Plan of Metazoa.LinkIT
Patthy L
Genes, 2021

7.  A flagellate-to-amoeboid switch in the closest living relatives of animals.LinkIT
Brunet T, Albert M, Roman W, Coyle MC, Spitzer DC, King N
eLife, 2021

8.  Molecular and Biochemical Approaches to Study the Evolution of NF-?B Signaling in Basal Metazoans.LinkIT
Aguirre Carrión PJ, Williams LM, Gilmore TD
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2021

9.  Towards understanding the origin of animal development.LinkIT
Ruiz-Trillo I, de Mendoza A
Development (Cambridge, England), 2020

10.  Structural characterization and computational analysis of PDZ domains in Monosiga brevicollis.LinkIT
Gao M, Mackley IGP, Mesbahi-Vasey S, Bamonte HA, Struyvenberg SA, Landolt L, Pederson NJ, Williams LI, Bahl CD, Brooks L, Amacher JF
Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 2020