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   Chloris gayana (rhodesgrass) 

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   Chloris (windmillgrass spp.) 
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Common Names: Rhodes grass, pasto Rhodes, rhodesgrass, grama Rhodes, zacate gordura

1.  Response to Climate Change: Evaluation of Methane Emissions in Northern Australian Beef Cattle on a High Quality Diet Supplemented with Desmanthus Using Open-Circuit Respiration Chambers and GreenFeed Emission Monitoring Systems.LinkIT
Suybeng B, Mwangi FW, McSweeney CS, Charmley E, Gardiner CP, Malau-Aduli BS, Malau-Aduli AEO
Biology, 2021

2.  Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of a Rhodes Grass (Chloris gayana) Collection.LinkIT
Negawo AT, Muktar MS, Assefa Y, Hanson J, Sartie AM, Habte E, Jones CS
Genes, 2021

3.  Plasma Metabolites, Productive Performance and Rumen Volatile Fatty Acid Profiles of Northern Australian Bos indicus Steers Supplemented with Desmanthus and Lucerne.LinkIT
Suybeng B, Charmley E, Gardiner CP, Malau-Aduli BS, Malau-Aduli AEO
Metabolites, 2021

4.  Seawater neutralization and gypsum amelioration of bauxite refining residue to produce a plant growth medium.LinkIT
Menzies NW, Kopittke PM
The Science of the total environment, 2021

5.  Feasible or foolish: Attempting restoration of a Parthenium hysterophorus invaded savanna using perennial grass seed.LinkIT
Cowie BW, Byrne MJ, Witkowski ETF
Journal of environmental management, 2021

6.  Supplementing Northern Australian Beef Cattle with Desmanthus Tropical Legume Reduces In-Vivo Methane Emissions.LinkIT
Suybeng B, Charmley E, Gardiner CP, Malau-Aduli BS, Malau-Aduli AEO
Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 2020

7.  Phytoaccumulation of heavy metals from municipal solid waste leachate using different grasses under hydroponic condition.LinkIT
Hassan MM, Haleem N, Baig MA, Jamal Y
Scientific reports, 2020

8.  Growth and elemental uptake of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) grown in a mine waste-contaminated soil amended with fly ash-enriched vermicompost.LinkIT
Lukashe NS, Mnkeni PNS, Mupambwa HA
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2020

9.  Diazotroph Diversity and Nitrogen Fixation in Summer Active Perennial Grasses in a Mediterranean Region Agricultural Soil.LinkIT
Gupta VVSR, Zhang B, Penton CR, Yu J, Tiedje JM
Frontiers in molecular biosciences, 2019

10.  Biochemical indices and heamtological parameters of goats fed lablab purpureus and vigna unguiculata as supplements to a chloris gayana basal diet.LinkIT
Soul W, Mupangwa J, Muchenje V, Mpendulo TC
Veterinary and animal science, 2019