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   Cheilodipterus quinquelineata 
   Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus (Sharptooth cardinal) 
   Cheliodipterus quinquelineatus 

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   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Prevalence of the parasitic cymothoid isopod Anilocra nemipteri on its fish... - Australian Journal of Zoology
Intra-specific variation of Kudoa spp. (Myxosporea: Multivalvulida) from ap... - PubMed: "n sp"

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Common Names: Yarai-ishimochi, Sahihaht zat al khotout, Five-line cardinalfish, Suga, 大目侧仔, Rung-bodi, Gete gete, 大面侧仔, Five-lined cardinalfish, Moong, 大面側仔, 大目側仔, Fivelined cardinalfish, Skerptand-kardinaal, Poothanachala, Ligoch, Fiveband cardinalfish, Dangat, Femstribet kardinalfisk, fivestriped percelle, Bagsang, Sharptooth cardinal, Upaparu, Parangan, Fo-tusiloloa ....

1.  Two new species of Sagum Wilson, 1913 (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida: Lernanthropidae) parasitic on reef fishes off the Ryukyu Islands.LinkIT
Uyeno D, Naruse T
Systematic parasitology, 2018

2.  Taxonomic revision of the Andean harvestman genus <i>Rhaucus</i> Simon, 1879 (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cosmetidae).LinkIT
García AF, Kury AB
Zootaxa, 2017

3.  A new species of the hermit crab genus Pagurus Fabricius, 1775 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura: Paguridae) from shallow coastal waters in Japan, with a checklist of the East Asian species of the genus.LinkIT
Komai T, Saito Y, Myorin E
Zootaxa, 2015

4.  Alterations in gill structure in tropical reef fishes as a result of elevated temperatures.LinkIT
Bowden AJ, Gardiner NM, Couturier CS, Stecyk JA, Nilsson GE, Munday PL, Rummer JL
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part A, Molecular & integrative physiology, 2014

5.  Intra-specific variation of Kudoa spp. (Myxosporea: Multivalvulida) from apogonid fishes (Perciformes), including the description of two new species, K. cheilodipteri n. sp. and K. cookii n. sp., from Australian waters.LinkIT
Heiniger H, Cribb TH, Adlard RD
Systematic parasitology, 2013

6.  Homing ability of adult cardinalfish is affected by elevated carbon dioxide.LinkIT
Devine BM, Munday PL, Jones GP
Oecologia, 2012

7.  The snake community of Serra do Mendanha, in Rio de Janeiro State, southeastern Brazil: composition, abundance, richness and diversity in areas with different conservation degrees.LinkIT
Pontes JA, Pontes RC, Rocha CF
Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia, 2009

8.  Parasitic castration of a vertebrate: Effect of the cymothoid isopod, Anilocra apogonae, on the five-lined cardinalfish, Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus.LinkIT
Fogelman RM, Kuris AM, Grutter AS
International journal for parasitology, 2009

9.  Selective mortality of a coral reef damselfish: role of predator-competitor synergisms.LinkIT
Figueira WF, Booth DJ, Gregson MA
Oecologia, 2008

10.  The use of fish parasites as biological indicators of anthropogenic influences in coral-reef lagoons: a case study of Apogonidae parasites in New-Caledonia.LinkIT
Sasal P, Mouillot D, Fichez R, Chifflet S, Kulbicki M
Marine pollution bulletin, 2007