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   Celtis australis (European hackberry) 

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   Celtis (hackberry) 

More Specific:
   Celtis australis caucasica 
   Celtis australis variegata 
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Common Names: European hackberry, spaccasassi, arcidiavolo, bagolaro, sâmbovină

1.  Investigating Hydrogen Isotope Variation during Heating of n-Alkanes under Limited Oxygen Conditions: Implications for Palaeoclimate Reconstruction in Archaeological Settings.LinkIT
Connolly R, Jambrina-EnrĂ­quez M, Herrera-Herrera AV, Mallol C
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2.  Inonotus rickii (Agaricomycetes, Hymenochaetaceae) in Brazilian Cerrado: Expanding Its Geographic Distribution and Host List.LinkIT
Leonardo-Silva L, Abdel-Azeem AM, Xavier-Santos S
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

3.  Chemical and Physical Characterization of the Hackberry (Celtis australis) Seed Oil: Analysis of Tocopherols, Sterols, ECN and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters.LinkIT
Nodeh HR, Rashidi L, Gabris MA, Gholami Z, Shahabuddin S, Sridewi N
Journal of oleo science, 2020

4.  Improving Air Quality by Nitric Oxide Consumption of Climate-Resilient Trees Suitable for Urban Greening.LinkIT
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5.  Phenolic Compounds in Poorly Represented Mediterranean Plants in Istria: Health Impacts and Food Authentication.LinkIT
Miklav?i? Vi?njevec A, Schwarzkopf M
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6.  Nitrate improves hackberry seedling growth under cadmium application.LinkIT
Hatamian M, Nejad AR, Kafi M, Souri MK, Shahbazi K
Heliyon, 2020

7.  Hyfraxinic Acid, a Phytotoxic Tetrasubstituted Octanoic Acid, Produced by the Ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) Pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus Together with Viridiol and Some of Its Analogues.LinkIT
Masi M, Di Lecce R, Tuzi A, Linaldeddu BT, Montecchio L, Maddau L, Evidente A
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8.  Native and exotic seed dispersal by the stone marten (Martes foina): implications for the regeneration of a relict climactic forest in central Portugal.LinkIT
Pereira L, Vasques A, Maia P, Ramos Pereira MJ, Fonseca C, Matos M
Integrative zoology, 2019

9.  Assessment of the electrochemical behaviour of Nickel-Titanium-based orthodontic wires: Effect of some natural corrosion inhibitors in comparison with fluoride.LinkIT
Fatene N, Mansouri S, Elkhalfi B, Berrada M, Mounaji K, Soukri A
Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry, 2019

10.  Analytical method for the evaluation of the outdoor air contamination by emerging pollutants using tree leaves as bioindicators.LinkIT
Barroso PJ, MartĂ­n J, Santos JL, Aparicio I, Alonso E
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 2018