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   Carlina (Weather thistle) 
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Common Names: dwarf thistle

1.  Lethal and behavioural effects of a green insecticide against an invasive polyphagous fruit fly pest and its safety to mammals.LinkIT
Benelli G, Ceccarelli C, Zeni V, Rizzo R, Lo Verde G, Sinacori M, Boukouvala MC, Kavallieratos NG, Ubaldi M, Tomassoni D, Benvenuti F, Roy P, Petrelli R, Cappellacci L, Spinozzi E, Maggi F, Canale A
Chemosphere, 2021

2.  Morphological, Anatomical, and Phytochemical Studies of Carlina acaulis L. Cypsela.LinkIT
Strzemski M, P?achno BJ, Mazurek B, Koz?owska W, Sowa I, Lustofin K, Za?uski D, Rydzik ?, Szczepanek D, Sawicki J, Wójciak M
International journal of molecular sciences, 2020

3.  Developing a Highly Stable Carlina acaulis Essential Oil Nanoemulsion for Managing Lobesia botrana.LinkIT
Benelli G, Pavoni L, Zeni V, Ricciardi R, Cosci F, Cacopardo G, Gendusa S, Spinozzi E, Petrelli R, Cappellacci L, Maggi F, Pavela R, Bonacucina G, Lucchi A
Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

4.  Effectiveness of eight essential oils against two key stored-product beetles, Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) and Trogoderma granarium Everts.LinkIT
Kavallieratos NG, Boukouvala MC, Ntalli N, Skourti A, Karagianni ES, Nika EP, Kontodimas DC, Cappellacci L, Petrelli R, Cianfaglione K, Morshedloo MR, Tapondjou LA, Rakotosaona R, Maggi F, Benelli G
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association, 2020

5.  Tolerance of Facultative Metallophyte Carlina acaulis to Cadmium Relies on Chelating and Antioxidative Metabolites.LinkIT
Dresler S, Strzemski M, Ková?ik J, Sawicki J, Staniak M, Wójciak M, Sowa I, Hawrylak-Nowak B
International journal of molecular sciences, 2020

6.  Toxicity of Carlina Oxide-A Natural Polyacetylene from the Carlina acaulis Roots-In Vitro and In Vivo Study.LinkIT
Wnorowski A, Wnorowska S, Wojas-Krawczyk K, Grenda A, Staniak M, Michalak A, Wo?niak S, Matosiuk D, Bia?a G, Wójciak M, Sowa I, Krawczyk P, Strzemski M
Toxins, 2020

7.  Outstanding insecticidal activity and sublethal effects of Carlina acaulis root essential oil on the housefly, Musca domestica, with insights on its toxicity on human cells.LinkIT
Pavela R, Maggi F, Petrelli R, Cappellacci L, Buccioni M, Palmieri A, Canale A, Benelli G
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association, 2020

8.  The Impact of Different Cultivation Systems on the Content of Selected Secondary Metabolites and Antioxidant Activity of Carlina acaulis Plant Material.LinkIT
Strzemski M, Dresler S, Sowa I, Czubacka A, Agacka-Mo?doch M, P?achno BJ, Granica S, Feldo M, Wójciak-Kosior M
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

9.  Metabolic Changes Induced by Silver Ions in Carlina acaulis.LinkIT
Dresler S, Hawrylak-Nowak B, Strzemski M, Wójciak-Kosior M, Sowa I, Hanaka A, Go?o? I, Skalska-Kami?ska A, Cie?lak M, Ková?ik J
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

10.  Historical and traditional medical applications of Carlina acaulis L. - A critical ethnopharmacological review.LinkIT
Strzemski M, Wójciak-Kosior M, Sowa I, Za?uski D, Verpoorte R
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2019