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   Callyspongia abnormis 
   Callyspongia acapulcaensis 
   Callyspongia aculeata 
   Callyspongia aerizusa 
   Callyspongia affinis 
   Callyspongia altera 
   Callyspongia annulata 
   Callyspongia arcesiosa 
   Callyspongia ariakensis 
   Callyspongia armigera 
   Callyspongia asparagus 
   Callyspongia aspericornis 
   Callyspongia aspinosa 
   Callyspongia aurantiaca 
   Callyspongia australis 
   Callyspongia azurea 
   Callyspongia bandae 
   Callyspongia barodensis 
   Callyspongia bathami 
   Callyspongia bilamellata 
   Callyspongia biru 
   Callyspongia bispicula 
   Callyspongia bispiculata 
   Callyspongia brucei 
   Callyspongia bullata 
   Callyspongia californica 
   Callyspongia calyx 
   Callyspongia capricorni 
   Callyspongia carens 
   Callyspongia cellaria 
   Callyspongia chalmeri 
   Callyspongia clathrata 
   Callyspongia clavata 
   Callyspongia claviformis 
   Callyspongia compressa 
   Callyspongia confoederata (spiky tube sponge) 
   Callyspongia conica 
   Callyspongia contorta 
   Callyspongia conulosa 
   Callyspongia coppingeri 
   Callyspongia crassa 
   Callyspongia crassifibra 
   Callyspongia cylindrica 
   Callyspongia dendyi 
   Callyspongia densa 
   Callyspongia densasclera 
   Callyspongia differentiata 
   Callyspongia difficilis 
   Callyspongia diffusa 
   Callyspongia doorae 
   Callyspongia ecklonia 
   Callyspongia elastica 
   Callyspongia elegans 
   Callyspongia elongata 
   Callyspongia erecta 
   Callyspongia eschrichti 
   Callyspongia euplax 
   Callyspongia exigua 
   Callyspongia fallax 
   Callyspongia fenestrata 
   Callyspongia fibrosa 
   Callyspongia fistularis 
   Callyspongia fistulosa 
   Callyspongia flabellata 
   Callyspongia flabelliformis 
   Callyspongia flammea 
   Callyspongia foliacea 
   Callyspongia folioides 
   Callyspongia fortis 
   Callyspongia fragilis 
   Callyspongia fructicosa 
   Callyspongia fungosa 
   Callyspongia fusifera 
   Callyspongia globosa 
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Callyspongia diffusa

External Resources:

1.  Identification of novel halogenated naturally occurring compounds in marine biota by high-resolution mass spectrometry and combined screening approaches.LinkIT
Belova L, Fujii Y, Cleys P, ?mie?owska M, Haraguchi K, Covaci A
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2021

2.  Caspase Cascade Activation During Apoptotic Cell Death of Human Lung Carcinoma Cells A549 Induced by Marine Sponge Callyspongia aerizusa.LinkIT
Hadisaputri YE, Andika R, Sopyan I, Zuhrotun A, Maharani R, Rachmat R, Abdulah R
Drug design, development and therapy, 2021

3.  New records of Demospongiae (Porifera) from Reserva Marina El Pelado (Santa Elena, Ecuador), with description of Tedania (Tedania) ecuadoriensis sp. nov.LinkIT
Jaramillo KB, Cóndor-Luján B, Longakit B, Rodriguez J, Thomas OP, McCormack G, Hajdu E
ZooKeys, 2021

4.  Callypyrones from marine Callyspongiidae sponge Callyspongia diffusa: antihypertensive bis-?-pyrone polypropionates attenuate angiotensin-converting enzyme.LinkIT
Chakraborty K, Francis P
Natural product research, 2020

5.  Antimicrobial Chlorinated 3-Phenylpropanoic Acid Derivatives from the Red Sea Marine Actinomycete Streptomyces coelicolor LY001.LinkIT
Shaala LA, Youssef DTA, Alzughaibi TA, Elhady SS
Marine drugs, 2020

6.  Enantioselective formal synthesis of the marine macrolide (-)-callyspongiolide.LinkIT
Urbina A, Llor N, Barbieri MV, Bosch J, Amat M
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), 2020

7.  Reactive oxygen species generation and mitochondrial dysfunction for the initiation of apoptotic cell death in human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells by a cyclic dipeptide Cyclo(-Pro-Tyr).LinkIT
Karanam G, Arumugam MK
Molecular biology reports, 2020

8.  Photoprotective effect of nanomelanin-seaweed concentrate in formulated cosmetic cream: With improved antioxidant and wound healing properties.LinkIT
Poulose N, Sajayan A, Ravindran A, Sreechithra TV, Vardhan V, Selvin J, Kiran GS
Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. B, Biology, 2020

9.  Characteristic Microbiomes Correlate with Polyphosphate Accumulation of Marine Sponges in South China Sea Areas.LinkIT
Ou H, Li M, Wu S, Jia L, Hill RT, Zhao J
Microorganisms, 2019

10.  Labrenzia callyspongiae sp. nov., Isolated from Marine Sponge Callyspongia elegans in Jeju Island.LinkIT
Park SH, Kim JY, Heo MS
Journal of microbiology and biotechnology, 2019