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   Callosciurus (Beautiful squirrels) 

Broader Terms:
   Callosciurus (Beautiful squirrels) 
   Sciuridae (squirrels) 
   Sciurinae (Tree squirrels) 

More Specific:
   Callosciurus adamsi (Bornean ear-spot squirrel) 
   Callosciurus albescens (Kloss Squirrel) 
   Callosciurus baluensis (Kinabalu squirrel) 
   Callosciurus caniceps (Gray-bellied squirrel) 
   Callosciurus erythraeus (Red-bellied squirrel) 
   Callosciurus finlaysonii (Finlayson's Squirrel) 
   Callosciurus inornatus (Inornate Squirrel) 
   Callosciurus melanogaster (Mentawai Squirrel) 
   Callosciurus nigrovittatus (Black-banded squirrel) 
   Callosciurus notatus (Plaintain squirrel) 
   Callosciurus orestes (Bornean black-banded squirrel) 
   Callosciurus phayrei (Phayre's squirrel) 
   Callosciurus prevostii (Prevost's squirrel) 
   Callosciurus pygerythrus (Irawaddy squirrel) 
   Callosciurus quinquestriatus (five-striped squirrel) 
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Callosciurus notatus
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Common Names: Beautiful squirrels

1.  Introduction and spread of variegated squirrel bornavirus 1 (VSBV-1) between exotic squirrels and spill-over infections to humans in Germany.LinkIT
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2.  Exotic Pet Trade as a Cause of Biological Invasions: The Case of Tree Squirrels of the Genus Callosciurus.LinkIT
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3.  First report of Blastocystis infection in Pallas's squirrels (Callosciurus erythraeus) in China.LinkIT
Liu X, Ge Y, Wang R, Dong H, Yang X, Zhang L
Veterinary research communications, 2021

4.  Genetic diversity and expanded host range of astroviruses detected in small mammals in Singapore.LinkIT
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5.  Systematic Pathologic Findings Report of Callosciurus finlaysonii (Horsfield, 1823) (Rodentia, Sciuridae) Squirrels from Maratea area (South Italy) to Investigate Species-Specific Pathologies, Reliability of CO2 Euthanasia Method, and Possible Use as Environmental Sentinels.LinkIT
Passantino G, Tursi M, Vercelli C, Filippi I, Decaro N, Tinelli A, Valente L, Leone R, Zizzo N
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6.  Molecular identification and phylogenetic analysis of a Callosciurus notatus complete mitogenome from Peninsular Malaysia.LinkIT
Jahari PNS, Mohd Azman S, Munian K, Ahmad Ruzman NH, Shamsir MS, Richter SR, Gilbert MTP, Mohd Salleh F
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7.  Identification of a novel bocaparvovirus in a wild squirrel in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.LinkIT
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8.  Changes in copper, zinc and cadmium distributions in the liver of Formosan squirrels with characteristic high copper accumulation.LinkIT
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9.  Serological survey of Leptospirosis in high-risk rangers and wild animals from ex-situ captive centers.LinkIT
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10.  The pollination system of the widely distributed mammal-pollinated Mucuna macrocarpa (Fabaceae) in the tropics.LinkIT
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