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   Lipophrys pholis (Caboz gigante) 

   Blennius pholis (Shanny) 
   Lipophrys pholis (Blenny) 
   Parablennius sanguinolentus (Rusty blenny) 

Broader Terms:
   Blennius (blennies) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Parablennius Miranda-Ribeiro, 1915 - WoRMS latest edits
Blennius Linnaeus, 1758 - WoRMS latest edits

Blennius pholis
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External Resources:

1.  Dairy-based solid lipid microparticles: A novel approach.LinkIT
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2.  Phase angle could be a marker of microvascular damage in systemic sclerosis.LinkIT
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3.  The renal resistive index, a new biomarker for the follow up of vascular modifications in Systemic Sclerosis.LinkIT
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4.  Clinical characteristics and antithrombotic prescription in elderly hospitalized atrial fibrillation patients: A cross-sectional analysis of a Swedish single-center clinical cohort.LinkIT
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5.  Percutaneous k-wire leverage reduction and retrograde transphyseal k-wire fixation of angulated radial neck fractures in children.LinkIT
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6.  Differential X-Ray Attenuation in MA-XRF Analysis for a Non-invasive Determination of Gilding Thickness.LinkIT
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7.  ARL13B regulates Sonic hedgehog signaling from outside primary cilia.LinkIT
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8.  Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase-1 Enzyme Inhibition by Grape Skin Extracts Affects Membrane Fluidity in Human Colon Cancer Cell Lines.LinkIT
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9.  Clinical Presentation and Serologic Response during a Rabies Epizootic in Captive Common Vampire Bats (Desmodus rotundus).LinkIT
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10.  Non-viral transfection vectors: are hybrid materials the way forward?LinkIT
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