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   Bufo (toads) 

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1.  Effects of sodium perchlorate and exogenous L-thyroxine on growth, development and leptin signaling pathway of Bufo gargarizans tadpoles during metamorphosis.LinkIT
Zheng R, Liu R, Wu M, Wang H, Xie L
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2020

2.  Individual and mixture toxicity of chromium and copper in development, oxidative stress, lipid metabolism and apoptosis of Bufo gargarizans embryos.LinkIT
Huang MY, Duan RY, Yin JW, Zhao Q, Wan YY, Liu Y
Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2020

3.  Bufalin exerts antitumor effects in neuroblastoma via the induction of reactive oxygen species?mediated apoptosis by targeting the electron transport chain.LinkIT
Pan L, Nie L, Yao S, Bi A, Ye Y, Wu Y, Tan Z, Wu Z
International journal of molecular medicine, 2020

4.  Alaria alata mesocercariae prevalence and predilection sites in amphibians in Latvia.LinkIT
Ozoli?a Z, Deksne G, Pupins M, Gravele E, Gavarane I, Kirju?ina M
Parasitology research, 2020

5.  The accelerating anuran: evolution of locomotor performance in cane toads (Rhinella marina, Bufonidae) at an invasion front.LinkIT
Hudson CM, Vidal-García M, Murray TG, Shine R
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2020

6.  Rearing substrate impacts growth and macronutrient composition of Hermetia illucens (L.) (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae produced at an industrial scale.LinkIT
Scala A, Cammack JA, Salvia R, Scieuzo C, Franco A, Bufo SA, Tomberlin JK, Falabella P
Scientific reports, 2020

7.  Stretch-excitation correlation in the toad heart.LinkIT
Vityazev VA, Azarov JE
The Journal of experimental biology, 2020

8.  Two New Indole Alkaloids from Toad Venom of Bufo bufo gargarizans.LinkIT
Chen YL, Dai YH, Wang AD, Zhou ZY, Lei M, Liu J, Lin B, Xia MY, Wang D
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

9.  Hybridization and introgression between toads with different sex chromosome systems.LinkIT
Dufresnes C, Litvinchuk SN, Rozenblut-Ko?cisty B, Rodrigues N, Perrin N, Crochet PA, Jeffries DL
Evolution letters, 2020

10.  Reassessment of a fossil specimen of Rhinella marina (Linnaeus, 1758) (Anura: Bufonidae), from Early Pleistocene of Bolivia.LinkIT
Barcelos LA, Verdade VK
Zootaxa, 2020