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   Canthigaster bennetti (Brownback toby) 

   Canthigaster benetti 
   Canthigaster bennetti (Phowot) 
   Tropidichthys bennetti 

Broader Terms:
   Canthigaster (sharpnosed puffers) 
   Tetraodontiformes (filefishes) 
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1.  First highly sensitive and specific competitive ELISA for detection of bovine besnoitiosis with potential as a multi-species test.LinkIT
Schares G, Nascimento D, Bärwald A, Jutras C, Rivard S, Brodeur V, DeNotta SL, Basso W, Conraths FJ
International journal for parasitology, 2020

2.  Sensitive, quantitative detection of Besnoitia darlingi and related parasites in intermediate hosts and to assess felids as definitive hosts for known and as-yet undescribed related parasite species.LinkIT
Schares G, Dubey JP, Rosenthal B, Tuschy M, Bärwald A, Conraths FJ
International journal for parasitology. Parasites and wildlife, 2020

3.  A review of the Indonesian species of the family Signiphoridae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea), with description of three new species.LinkIT
Schmidt S, Hamid H, Ubaidillah R, Ward S, Polaszek A
ZooKeys, 2019

4.  Multilocus nuclear markers provide new insights into the origin and evolution of the blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra, Bovidae).LinkIT
Jana A, Karanth P
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2019

5.  Phylogeny and classification of armored scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha: Diaspididae).LinkIT
Normark BB, Okusu A, Morse GE, Peterson DA, Itioka T, Schneider SA
Zootaxa, 2019

6.  An Ecological Assessment of Isaria fumosorosea Applications Compared to a Neonicotinoid Treatment for Regulating Invasive Ficus Whitefly.LinkIT
Avery PB, Kumar V, Skvarch EA, Mannion CM, Powell CA, McKenzie CL, Osborne LS
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

7.  Mitogenomics of Central American weakly-electric fishes.LinkIT
Aguilar C, Miller MJ, Loaiza JR, Krahe R, De León LF
Gene, 2019

8.  Besnoitia tarandi in Canadian woodland caribou - Isolation, characterization and suitability for serological tests.LinkIT
Schares G, Jutras C, Bärwald A, Basso W, Maksimov A, Schares S, Tuschy M, Conraths FJ, Brodeur V
International journal for parasitology. Parasites and wildlife, 2019

9.  First evidence of Besnoitia bennetti infection (Protozoa: Apicomplexa) in donkeys (Equus asinus) in Belgium.LinkIT
Liénard E, Nabuco A, Vandenabeele S, Losson B, Tosi I, Bouhsira É, Prévot F, Sharif S, Franc M, Vanvinckenroye C, Caron Y
Parasites & vectors, 2018

10.  A serosurvey of selected cystogenic coccidia in Spanish equids: first detection of anti-Besnoitia spp. specific antibodies in Europe.LinkIT
Gutiérrez-Expósito D, García-Bocanegra I, Howe DK, Arenas-Montes A, Yeargan MR, Ness SL, Ortega-Mora LM, Álvarez-García G
BMC veterinary research, 2017