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Broader Terms:
   Boidae (boids) 

More Specific:
   Boa (Boa Constrictors) 
   Candoia (Ground Boas) 
   Corallus (Tree Boas) 
   Epicrates (rainbow boas) 
   Eunectes (anacondas) 
   Sanzinia (Madagascar Tree Boas) 
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Epicrates angulifer
Vladimír Motyčka - BioLib

External Resources:

1.  Identification of Reptarenaviruses, Hartmaniviruses, and a Novel Chuvirus in Captive Native Brazilian Boa Constrictors with Boid Inclusion Body Disease.LinkIT
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2.  Dispersal and vicariance: the complex evolutionary history of boid snakes.LinkIT
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3.  Inferring the phylogenetic position of Boa constrictor among the Boinae.LinkIT
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4.  Phylogenetic relationships of the dwarf boas and a comparison of Bayesian and bootstrap measures of phylogenetic support.LinkIT
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5.  Retinal photoreceptors and visual pigments in Boa constrictor imperator.LinkIT
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6.  Origin of West Indian populations of the geographically widespread boa Corallus enydris inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences.LinkIT
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7.  A new genus and species of Boinae from Brazil. Xenoboa cropanii, gen. nov., sp. nov.LinkIT
Memorias do Instituto Butantan, 1953