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Broader Terms:
   Basidiomycota (club fungi) 
   Fungi (Fungus) 

More Specific:
   Basidiomycota (basidio's) 
   environmental samples 
   mycorrhizal samples 
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Common Names: Basidiomycetes, club fungi, basidio's

1.  Steccherinum tenuissimum and S. xanthum spp. nov. (Polyporales, Basidiomycota): New species from China.LinkIT
Wu YX, Wu JR, Zhao CL
PloS one, 2021

2.  A multi-kingdom metabarcoding study on cattle grazing Alpine pastures discloses intra-seasonal shifts in plant selection and faecal microbiota.LinkIT
Palumbo F, Squartini A, Barcaccia G, Macolino S, Pornaro C, Pindo M, Sturaro E, Ramanzin M
Scientific reports, 2021

3.  Hallmarks of Basidiomycete Soft- and White-Rot in Wood-Decay -Omics Data of Two Armillaria Species.LinkIT
Sahu N, Merényi Z, Bálint B, Kiss B, Sipos G, Owens RA, Nagy LG
Microorganisms, 2021

4.  Expanding the Knowledge on the Skillful Yeast Cyberlindnera jadinii.LinkIT
Sousa-Silva M, Vieira D, Soares P, Casal M, Soares-Silva I
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

5.  Functional importance and diversity of fungi during standing grass litter decomposition.LinkIT
Lodato MB, Boyette JS, Smilo RA, Jackson CR, Halvorson HM, Kuehn KA
Oecologia, 2021

6.  Assessment of fungal diversity present in lakes of Maritime Antarctica using DNA metabarcoding: a temporal microcosm experiment.LinkIT
de Souza LMD, Ogaki MB, Câmara PEAS, Pinto OHB, Convey P, Carvalho-Silva M, Rosa CA, Rosa LH
Extremophiles : life under extreme conditions, 2021

7.  Evolutionary histories and mycorrhizal associations of mycoheterotrophic plants dependent on saprotrophic fungi.LinkIT
Ogura-Tsujita Y, Yukawa T, Kinoshita A
Journal of plant research, 2021

8.  Bridgin connects the outer kinetochore to centromeric chromatin.LinkIT
Sridhar S, Hori T, Nakagawa R, Fukagawa T, Sanyal K
Nature communications, 2021

9.  Diversity and Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Fungal Communities in the Rhizosphere Soil of Cotton in the Arid Region of Northwest China.LinkIT
Shi Y, Yang H, Chu M, Niu X, Huo X, Gao Y, Zeng J, Lin Q, Lou K
Microbial ecology, 2021

10.  Draft Genome Sequence of the Termite-Associated "Cuckoo Fungus," Athelia (Fibularhizoctonia) sp. TMB Strain TB5.LinkIT
Konkel Z, Scott K, Slot JC
Microbiology resource announcements, 2021