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   Bacteria regnum 

Broader Terms:
   Monera (monerans) 

More Specific:
   Chlorobi (Green sulfur bacteria) 
   Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) 
Latest Articles on Bacteria Cavalier-Smith 2002, regnum nov from uBioRSS

Common Names: Bacteria, bactéries

1.  COVID-19 : Face Masks and Human-to-human Transmission.LinkIT
Liu X, Zhang S
Influenza and other respiratory viruses, 2020

2.  Exogenous strigolactones impact metabolic profiles and phosphate starvation signalling in roots.LinkIT
Gamir J, Torres-Vera R, Rial C, Berrio E, de Souza Campos PM, Varela RM, Macías FA, Pozo MJ, Flors V, López-Ráez JA
Plant, cell & environment, 2020

3.  Efficacy and Safety of VB-1953 Topical Gel in Non-Responder Acne Patients with Clindamycin-Resistant Cutibacterium acnes.LinkIT
Batra R, Sadhasivam S, Saini S, Gupta S, Bisen RKS, Sinha M, Ghosh S, Jain S
Drugs in R&D, 2020

4.  Cell wall surface layer (S-layer) promotes colony formation in Microcystis: comparison of S-layer characteristics between colonial and unicellular forms of Microcystis and function conformation.LinkIT
Zu Y, Hong S, Xu C, Li W, Chen S, Li J
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2020

5.  Bacteria Sphingobium yanoikuyae Sy310 enhances accumulation capacity and tolerance of cadmium in Salix matsudana Koidz roots.LinkIT
Zeng X, Pang L, Chen Y, Kong X, Chen J, Tian X
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2020

6.  A bibliometric analysis of the 100 most cited articles on Early Childhood Caries.LinkIT
Patil SS, Sarode SC, Sarode GS, Gadbail AR, Gondivkar S, Kontham UR, Alqahtani KM
International journal of paediatric dentistry, 2020

7.  Cryptic prophages in a blaNDM-1-bearing plasmid increase bacterial survival against high NaCl concentration, high and low temperatures, and oxidative and immunological stressors.LinkIT
Kim SY, Ko KS
Journal of microbiology (Seoul, Korea), 2020

8.  Sequence analysis of the first B5 subgenogroup strain of enterovirus 71 isolated in Korea.LinkIT
Won YJ, Kang LH, Lee AR, Paik B, Kim H, Lee SG, Park SW, Hong SJ, Paik SY
Journal of microbiology (Seoul, Korea), 2020

9.  Comparative genomics of Lactobacillus species as bee symbionts and description of Lactobacillus bombintestini sp. nov., isolated from the gut of Bombus ignitus.LinkIT
Heo J, Kim SJ, Kim JS, Hong SB, Kwon SW
Journal of microbiology (Seoul, Korea), 2020

10.  Oral Azacitidine and Cedazuridine Approximate Parenteral Azacitidine Efficacy in Murine Model.LinkIT
Ramsey HE, Oganesian A, Gorska AE, Fuller L, Arrate M, Boyd K, Keer H, Azab M, Savona MR
Targeted oncology, 2020